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Fortnite Skins Background: Mike Lowrey

Mike Lowrey Fortnite
Everyone knows Will Smith, but what about Mike Lowrey?  | © Epic Games

Fortnite's crossovers are going through the roof. More and more new characters from film and television, other video games, comics, and real life are appearing in the game. In our weekly series 'Fortnite Skins In Detail' we want to introduce you to these Fortnite characters. Today: Will Smith aka Mike Lowrey.

Mike Lowrey is an epic skin and is available as part of the "Loose Cannons" set. It was first added to Fortnite on August 18, 2021, in Chapter 2, Season 7 with Fortnite Patch 17.40. I don't think we have to explain to anyone who Will Smith is. I mean, that's common knowledge! But who is Mike Lowrey?

Who Is Mike Lowrey?

Any fan of buddy cop movies will surely know. Well, at least if they were born before 2010 they will. Mike Lowry is of course detective Michael Eugen Lowrey from Bad Boys. The character was played by Will Smith, hence, Lowrey might have seemed familiar to you. 

Bad Boys was a mid-nineties classic, and the film that (unfortunately) skyrocketed Michael Bay's career. Mike Lowrey is a Miami detective living the high-life. But when his buddy Marcus makes the arrest of the decade by seizing heroin with a market value of almost 100 million US dollars, it gets stolen from the evidence room. Mike and Marcus' supervisor, Captain Howard, is appalled and gets into trouble with internal investigations, who believe an insider made the break-in possible. Mike and Marcus are given 72 hours to solve the theft before the higher-ups close their department. Despite that description, it really is a great film, trust us. 

But that wasn't the only outing for the dynamic duo. After the immense success of Bad Boys came Bad Boys 2 and Bad Boys for Life (a truly terrible piece of film). The fourth part of the Bad Boys series is currently in production. But, the film's release date is not expected before 2022.

Mike Lowrey In Fortnite

Mike Lowrey has officially appeared in the Fortnite item shop for the first time (August 29, 2021). The Mike Lowrey outfit can be bought in the item shop for 1,500 V-Bucks and this includes his "Detective Bag" accessory. You also get Mike's knives in the “Loose Cannon” set, the “Loose Cannon Cutters” are 500 V-Bucks.

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