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How to solve the Week 6 challenge!

Fortnite: Signal The Coral Buddies!

Coral buddies Fortnite
The Coral Buddies finally make their grand entrance! (Credit: Epic Games)

Week 6 of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5, has just started and there are a lot of challenges again. Where and how you signal the Coral Buddies, well we’ll show you here!

We’ve seen the Coral Buddies in Fortnite before, even if not everyone knew of their existence. Back in Season 3, we were given several secret challenges that had to do with the little critters. These challenges were similar to the Teddy Bear vs. Dwarf challenges: secret and not explicitly mentioned anywhere in the game. They were fun challenges, but many players probably didn’t even notice them.

In any case, the Coral Buddies can now get the glory they deserve.

Here’s How to Give the Coral Buddies a Signal

To signal the coral buddies, you need to go to the northwest corner of the map to Coral Castle. Here you will find three blue glowing shells that you simply need to interact with in the game. These are the three exact location:

Coral Buddies Signal Locations
These are the locations where you need to signal the Coral Buddies. (Credit:

These shells are located near pieces of coral and are very large and easy to spot if you are close enough. Remember that you’ll have to solve other challenges first to complete the Coral Buddies one.

Coral Buddies Signal Locations
Just interact with the shells to complete the challenge. (Credit: Epic Games)

We hope that we were helpful for you, and you were able to track down and activate the Coral Buddies. It is a pretty bloody easy one, but a good time anyway, and as usual, a nice addition to our Fortnite week!

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Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.