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Fortnite Season 8, Carnage, Naruto Prove Why Fortnite Is Amazing & Wasting Potential


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Fortnite Season 8 is here and brings a lot of new skins, along with a new Battle Pass: The highlight so far is the freshly announced Carnage skin and the fact that we will get a Naruto skin in Fortnite Season 8. The Carnage skin continues the crossover with Marvel, while the Naruto skin opens up a whole new world of potential for Fortnite.
With Season 8 continuing the epic that is Fortnite, it is time to wonder what else the game could be. Sure, we had concerts and limited-time modes, but the bottom line is the fact that Fortnite is still a Battle Royale. With so many players, such tight building mechanics and so many crossover-licenses… Fortnite could certainly be more.

Recently, PUBG creator Brandon Greene announced that PlayerUnknown is working on a new open-world game that will be the size of Earth: Artemis. Before that, they will release Prologue and the game sounds nothing shy of amazing: An earth-sized eco-system that is emergent and reacts to players rather than being scripted. If you’ve seen Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, then you know what the vision is, and we’re wondering if Fortnite wouldn’t be best suited to tackle something similar. Games like No Man’s Sky and Valheim prove that gamers love open-world games that they can sink their time into. Fortnite has better building blocks in place than any other game out there, and we think that it is time for them to shed the Battle Royale limitations.

We want an open-world, survival game with endless gameplay, where we can make much better use of the incredible crossovers. With Naruto now joining Fortnite, the game is about to become even bigger. Time to evolve. Season 8 is just another continuation of what we’re used to. Maybe Fortnite Season 9 or Season 10 will shake things up.

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