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How to outbox fight your enemy!

Fortnite: How to Win Box Fights & Kill Campers in Season 7

How to win box fights Fortnite Season 7
Box Fighting is hard to master | © Epic Games

Box Fights are unique to Fortnite and are at the core of the battle royale's skill cap and meta. Today we look at how to win box fights in Fortnite Season 7. Let’s kill the campers and destroy their boxes

Before we talk about box fighting in Fortnite, you need to know the basics: you can build walls, stairs, floors/roofs, and pyramids using the wood, brick, and steel you collect during each match. Most of the time, you will just need to build walls and stairs, and in fact, this is what most players build. They just ignore the roofs and pyramids.

The Best Weapons to Destroy Box Builds in Fortnite Season 7

Remember, anything you build can be destroyed, but it takes quite a bit of firepower to do so successfully. But you can use these weapons to destroy walls faster and maybe deal some splash damage too. 

  • Rocket Launcher
  • Grenade
  • Firefly Jar
  • Railgun
  • Pulse Rifle

Once you have destroyed your opponent's box, or at least one wall of it, you have a very small window to shoot the enemy, since a good player will simply build a new wall or duck behind another section of their box to avoid your attack. This creates a rather obvious problem. Walls and boxes can be built much more efficiently than they can be destroyed. You will run out of ammo quite fast if you just focus on destroying the enemy’s box, so the timing is key to victory. 

How to Win The Box Fighting Meta

In this video, you see a high-level box fight and if it seems overwhelming, that’s because it is. Box fighting requires skill and these pro-players play and practice non-stop. 

How does the Box fighting meta actually play out? Close Combat box fighting. Eventually, your builds will collide with another player's walls. In this case, you will try to gain the high ground and snipe them from above or find a way into their build and shotty them.  

Always make sure you have a shotgun in your loadout. The end of a lobby always ends in a Box Fight, as the play space is cut off by the storm, so a shotgun becomes the best tool to kill a player quickly. Also, an SMG is a viable close range weapon as well. To reiterate, most lobbies end in a tall tower of boxes as you try to get close to your enemy’s location, you will fight for the high ground position constantly. 

Box fighting is very hard in Fortnite, so don’t worry, take your time and practice doing simple building edits in Fortnite’s Creative Mode.

Simple Box Fighting Edits

  • Window edit: A classic edit that most players are already familiar with, where you add a window to your wall.
  • Top row edit: When you edit out the top row, you’re going to be able to jump and take a shot at your opponent. They will only have a split second to react. 
  • Top corner edit: Similar to the top row edit, this will catch your opponent by surprise, and you can go for a jump shot. They will only have a limited time to react.
  • Partial wall edit: An unusual edit that can give you a good amount of cover (if you do it right) while completely exposing your opponent. The edit mechanics on this can be a little tricky, so you’re going to want to practice it a lot.

These are just some common edits to learn, and there isn't really just one way to slice this loserfruit. Above all, speed is the number one factor to building and editing, so practice makes perfect, as cliché as that may sound. 

How to Enter Edit Mode

  1. To enter edit mode, stand close to a piece you built
  2. It should say "Edit" in the center. 
  3. Your built wall should light up, and now you can edit each section of the wall and remove a single piece of it. 

It's going to be a slow uphill battle to learn how to build fast and an even longer battle to be able to pull it off in a firefight. 

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