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The New Alien & Craftable Weapons

Fortnite Season 7 Weapons Tier List

Fortnite Season 7 Weapon Tier List
The best weapons to use in Fortnite Season 7 | © Epic Games

Fortnite Season 7 Chapter 2 once again brings a new kind of craftable weapon to the battle royale and to keep things fresh and exciting, we now also have the new Alien Weapons to consider! But where do all the Fornite Weapons rank? Let’s look at the Season 7 Weapon tier list and which ones are the best and which ones just flat out suck.

Fortnite Season 7
 brought back craftable weapons which are upgraded versions of the Shotgun, Assault Rifle, SMG and the Burst Assault Rifle which can be upgraded once you find some Nuts & Bolts. Players can customize these Craftable weapons and improve their accuracy, fire rate, damage, and more. The alien guns also throw a huge Peely sized wrench into the Season 7 tier list, so we need to find out what Alien Weapons are the best and where they mix into the list!

However, there is still a tier list of what the best weapons are in Fortnite. Regardless of which customizations you can make, there are still loadouts that perform much better than others, and a flashy new alien gun might just be all flash and no bang.

Let's lock & load! The Fortnite Season 7 Weapon Tier List!

F- Tier Weapons

F is not for Fortnite - it’s for fail. Meaning, these weapons are simply bad and should only be used if you can't find anything else. Hell, even your pickaxe might do a better job.

  • Pistol: Despite being added in Season 6, it is outclassed by pretty much any other weapon you can loot in Season 7. 
  • Hand Cannon: This weapon only does a slightly better Revolver impression. If you got the skills, this gun can land you a one-shot kill, but it has a really slow fire rate, making that task pretty hard. 

Find out what weapons were vaulted and unvaulted in Season 7 to know what your loadouts will now look like.

C- Tier Weapons

C- Tier weapons are useable when you first land and have nothing better at hand. Look to replace these as fast as possible. 

  • Recon Scanner: It deals pretty low damage, but reveals the location of players and chests. It's much better in duos and trios.
  • Kymera Ray Gun: It's a pretty wild design, but the fact it doesn't deal damage to builds makes it pretty useless at times.

B- Tier Weapons

Now, we get into the passable weapons that actually get you some kills. Not the best weapons or the most deadly, but they get the job done.

  • Pulse Rifle: It's no Assault Rifle, as its damage is on the lower side, but it gets the job done.
  • SMG: Ever since it was nerfed, it has fallen on the Fortnite Weapon Tier lists. Now, it has an average fire rate and is outclassed by any other automatic in the game. Use it until you find a better one.
  • Lever Action Shotgun: The only problem is that the Pump Shotgun is just better, so you will replace it with that if given the choice.
  • Tactical Shotgun: Probably the biggest choice we had to make on this list. The Tactical Shot Gun is very good, but is so just much slower than the Pump Shotgun and in a close combat situation, you want the fast kill before the wall goes up.

A- Tier Weapons

Okay, now we start to get into the heavy hitters in Fortnite and this will include some of your go-to killers. Well, not the most overpowered weapons, but they are welcomed in any Fortniters' loadout.

  • Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle: It's a great weapon if used properly! Obviously, you want to aim for the head, and it will pretty much net you a kill if you're fast enough on the trigger. Also good for scouting ahead by looking down the scope.
  • Pump Shotgun: Fs in chat for everyone who has taken the fight close range and was one-shotted by a sweaty, quick switching pro, who was building his own personal fortress. If anyone dares to take the fight close-range, the Pump Shotgun is the best means of defense.
  • Rapid Fire SMG: One of the best second weapons to switch to if the fight moves to mid/close range, as it has a great fire rate and high damage. It’s not as explosive as a shotgun blast, but amazing at mid-ranges.
  • Assault Rifle: A great weapon in Fortnite for nearly every season it has been in. The body damage alone makes this simply the most versatile and deadly weapon you can find.
  • Heavy Assault Rifle: It trades reload speed and mag. size for damage and the difference between this and the normal Assault Rifle is not that noticeable, but which one is better is up for debate. 

S-Tier Weapon

Is S-Tier for sweaty? Maybe so! These weapons are the best in Fortnite Season 7

  • Burst Assault Rifle: The Rifle returns and is still the best kind of Rifle. The fire rate alone makes this gun an unstoppable spraying machine, and it even works at longer ranges. Just rain down bullets on your opponent's builds. 
  • Rail Gun: A high-risk, high-reward, style of a weapon. A massive blast perfect for taking down cars, UFOs and builds, and if your aim is amazing, players too. Of course, the long charge time is not ideal.
  • Rocket Launcher: Still great and always will be. Use the rocket launcher to blast a bunkered camper, or switch to it for a fast kill. As always, the Rocket Launcher has a very long reload time, so the best thing is to pump and dump and never spend time reloading it.

Okay, now get into some lobbies and build that perfect loadout! But make sure you come back to EarlyGame afterwards, okay? We'll miss you, otherwise.