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Track Down The Exotic Weapons in Fortnite

Fortnite Season 7 Exotic Weapons Locations

Fortnite Exotic Weapons Season 7
Where to find all Exotic Weapons in Fortnite Season 7 | © Epic Games

Fortnite Season 7 has once again returned with Exotic Weapons, and we'll show you exactly where each weapon is hiding on the Season 7 map. The alien trespassers have invaded the island of Fortnite, so now, we need to arm ourselves to take them out!

Let’s find every Exoctic Weapon in Fortnite Season 7!

Fortnite Season 7: Invasion, has quite a bit of variety in terms of weaponry. We have already covered all the new alien weapons and IO Tech Weapons in previous entries. So check out where to find your alien guns:

Exotic Weapon Locations Season 7
Every Exotic Weapon in Season 7 | © Epic Games

Where Can I Find Fortnite Exotic Weapons in Season 7?

Each exotic weapon must be purchased from an NPC on the Season 7 map, as indicated on the map above. They are sold by the following NPCs:

  • Pulse Rifle — Held by Doctor Slone located at Corny Complex
  • Night Hawk — Sold by Guggimon located on the Island North of Coral Castle 
  • Storm Scout Rifle — Sold by Riot located at the bridge east of Misty Meadows 
  • Shadow Tracker — Sold by Maven located on the cliff east of Steamy Stacks 
  • Marksman Six Shooter — Sold by Abstrakt located in Retail Row

How much do Fortnite Exotic Weapons cost in Season 7?

Exotic weapons come with a pretty high price tag in Fortnite. That most likely means you cannot purchase them in every match, but will need to save your gold bars up and decide when it's time to bust out an exotic weapon in that very special lobby. We definitely recommend you try out the Storm Scout Rifle. It is worth its price tag and knowing where the storm is going, is a huge advantage to have.  

  • Pulse Rifle — Takedown Doctor Slone 
  • Night hawk — 400 Gold Bars
  • Storm Scout Rifle — 500 Gold Bars
  • Shadow Tracker — 400 Gold Bars
  • Marsman Six Shooter — 400 Gold Bars

Now you are ready to kick some alien butt in Fortnite Season 7 with every location of every Exotic Weapon. We can't promise you that if you have an Exotic Weapon, you will win the lobby. That is still on you, my sweaty Fortniter. However, the extra firepower will definitely increase your chances. 

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