Fortnite Season 6 Begins With Zero Crisis Finale Event | EarlyGame
This season will have a different finale!

Fortnite Season 6 Begins With Zero Crisis Finale Event

Fortnite Season 6 Begins with Zero Crisis Finale Event
This reminds me of something, but I just can't tell what it is... (Credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Season 5 is coming to an end soon and Epic Games has finally revealed details on what the big event that will end Season 5 will be. Here it is!

We’ve talked about it time and time again, Epic Games/Fortnite take their season finales very seriously and this one will be no different. But that doesn’t mean that the event in itself won’t be different. Because for the Season 5 Finale, they’ve decided to do something different and it’s very intriguing.


Anything that you need to know about the Season 5 Finale and about the launch of Fortnite Season 6 is stated in the tweet above, but for simplicity, we’ll sum it up for you right here.

When does Fortnite Season 6 start?

Fortnite Season 6 starts on Tuesday, March 16, 2021. That’s next week, folks! Mark your calendars.

What’s the Fortnite Season 5 Finale Event?

For the Fortnite Season 5 Finale, “you will play through the culmination of Agent Jones’ mission in the Zero Crisis Finale.”

We told you this Season finale had a different approach. This time, it’ll be a “solo experience, and “you can play through it whenever you first log in during the Season”.

There is also an option to watch this “solo experience” online beforehand, so if you really can’t wait, then go ahead and spoil yourself a little.

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