Fortnite Season 6 Mushroom Glitch Gives You Unlimited… | EarlyGame
It involves mushrooms. Of course it involves shrooms...

Fortnite's Mushrooms Give You Unlimited Health!

Fortnite Mushroom Unlimited health glitch
Fortnite knows the power that mushrooms hold. They also know what their target demographic is all about. (Credit: Mike Reddy, Stat)

Fortnite is no stranger to bugs. It's not Warzone, but Fortnite still has its fair share of glitches and this latest one gives players unlimited health. Sounds like an advantage you want to abuse? We'll tell you how first, and we'll shame you after.

We already told you about the unlimited gold Fortnite glitch here:

Now it's time for some unlimited health.

Fortnite Mushroom Unlimited health glitch
Basically my vision, while on shrooms during my job interview for EarlyGame. (Credit: Epic)

How to Get Unlimited Health in Fortnite

This glitch comes courtesy of 'OrangeGuy'. No, not Donald Trump. We mean the YouTuber. Here's what you need to do to get your invincible on:

  • Heal yourself with a mushroom
  • Jump into a Port-A-Potty
  • Break the Port-A-Potty

Now if shrooms, the feeling of invincibility and Port-A-Pottys sounds familiar to you, then... you and me both, my dude, you and me both.

Here's a clip from the not-ex-President OrangeGuy with the exact timing needed:

There is currently no fix to the glitch. The mushroom will constantly heal you back up, so if you're not entirely trash at the game, this will let you dominate. If not, then... please... trip on over to Candy Crush, it's got colors and sounds too.

A fix by Epic is expected soon, so abuse this one before it's too late like a OneRepublic song.


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