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Get those chickens!

Fortnite Season 6: All Chicken Locations

Fortnite Chicken Locations
Chickens are the coolest new animal in Fortnite. (Credit: Epic Games)

The Fortnite challenges for Chapter 2, Season 6, Week 9 require that you find a chicken and spend some time chasing it. Here are all the chicken locations in Fortnite!

Chickens are one of the latest additions to the world of Fortnite. Added with the start of Chapter 2, Season 6 they're more than just for show. Fortnite chickens can help you cover some distance. By grabbing one and carrying it over your head you'll be able to jump a bit higher as the chicken will give you some extra air time. Alternatively, you can cover even more ground by jumping off a cliff and gliding. Overall, chickens are useful, but they're sometimes hard to find.

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Spend 7 Seconds Within 7 Meters of a Fleeing Chicken

The challenges from this week will ask you to "Spend 7 Seconds Within 7 Meters of a Fleeing Chicken". That's quite easy to do as chickens aren't really good at running and all you have to do is stick near one. The tricky part is finding them, and we're here to give you all the chicken locations. Check the map below before you drop off the bus in order to find a chicken.

Fortnite Chicken Locations
All the chicken locations in Fortnite Season 6! (Credit:

As one would expect, chickens are more commonly found near grass and crops, but there are also a few exceptions. Note that this week players might be dropping more often in chicken-heavy zones in order to complete the quest, so maybe pick a more isolated location. Happy chicken hunting!


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