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Is new Marvel content coming soon?

Fortnite Season 5: New Marvel and DC Content Leaked

Fortnite Marvel Leaks
New Marvel content may be coming soon to Fortnite Season 5! (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Every week, Fortnite Season 5 gets new content and we all get embarrassingly excited about it! New leaks from the usual suspects on Twitter have now revealed a new batch of upcoming content with a somewhat familiar theme... Find out everything we know so far.

Fortnite Season 4 was all about superheroes, especially the ever-beloved Marvel superheroes. After the Galactus event and the start of Fortnite Season 5, most people thought that the costumed jumping jacks were finally over. But: WRONG! As the usual Fortnite leakers and data miners have now revealed, there will soon be a return of the superheroes in Fortnite Season 5! Woohoo? If you like it...

Fortnite marvel heroes
If Fortnite Season 4 didn’t offer enough Marvel heroes for you, Fortnite Season 5 could make you happy! (Image Credit: Epic Games)

It was @ShiinaBR and @HYPEX, two veteran Fortnite leak and data mining experts, who announced on Twitter that new Marvel heroes will soon be joining Fortnite Season 5. There are several tweets to talk about! The first we’re going to draw your eyes to is here, where you can see Black Panther and Captain Marvel in Fortnite:

Besides Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Taskmaster are also expected to join Fortnite. The latter is perhaps the most interesting, as he’s yet to appear in the MCU (when the Black Widow movie comes out at some point), so most will be rather unfamiliar with him.


According to @ShiinaBR, the three heroes will appear as part of the so-called Marvel: Royalty & Warriorspack. This pack is supposed to contain some more content:

All this sounds great, right? YES! And the leak doesn’t stop there. Apparently, Green Arrow, a well-known DC Universe hero, is also supposed to come to Fortnite! So many superheroes, it’s hard to keep track!

@ShiinaBR claims that Green Arrow will be the next skin in Fortnite Crew, Fortnite’s new subscription service. There are also pictures of Green Arrow, this time from the whole set.

As always, none of this is officially confirmed yet. So to really look forward to it, we still have to wait a bit. However, Fortnite leaks from these two users have been reliable for years! We can therefore assume that we will be able to slip into the superhero costumes once again in Fortnite Season 5. Hopefully in the not-too-distant future, that is...


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Original article was written by EarlyGame's very own Faris Delalic!