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Fortnite Season 5 Challenges: How to Find All the Clues!

Fortnite Season 5

The clues are a bit hidden, but we’ll help you find them! (Credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Season 5 brings new challenges for players every week in the form of orders. Last week, a number of new orders came in, including one that asked players to find a number of clues. Not sure what that means? We’ll give you... ATTENTION... a clue!

Every week, characters from Fortnite Season 5 give us a series of orders. These are specific challenges for players to complete up until the end of the season (the current season will end in March). Last week came a new set of missions from Mosper, they involve mailboxes, clues, and a conspiracy... or something like that. Anyway, you need to find clues and they are a bit hidden. So, let’s get out there and look for them!

Fortnite Hinweise Karte

You can see all of the clues' locations on this map! (Credit: Epic Games)

First thing’s first! We need to clarify a few things:

  1. The clues are inside specific mailboxes, so go to the locations on the map above and examine all the mailboxes that you can find.
  2. While there are three locations in the assignment description, Pleasant Park, Holly Hedges and Lazy Lake, you do NOT have to find one clue per location. All three locations hold three clues each and you only need THREE TOTAL!

So, you can focus on one location, find all three letterboxes there, and voila! Mission accomplished! So, here are the locations of the nine mailboxes.

Pleasant Park

  • The first clue in Pleasant Park is in the northwest corner, near a parking lot.
  • The second clue is in the northeast corner of the central park, near a gas station.
  • The third Fortnite clue in Pleasant Park is in the southeast corner, next to a small fence.

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Holly Hedges

  • The first Fortnite clue in Holly Hedges is next to the main entrance of the Garden Centre, near the car park.
  • The second clue is in the back room of the small generator building in the southeast corner.
  • The third clue in Holly Hedges is on the eastern side, under a tree next to the greenhouse.

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Lazy Lake

  • The first Fortnite clue in Lazy Lake is in the southwest, north of A Lot O’Auto - only the right of two mailboxes contains the clue.
  • The second clue is northwest, on the west side of No Sweat Insurance.
  • The third Fortnite clue in Lazy Lake is to the south, near the steps to the Lazy Lake Spa.


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Original article by Faris Delalic.

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