Is Galactus the Final Boss of the Season?

Fortnite Season 4 Bosses: Is the Final Boss Incoming?

Fortnite Season 4 Bosses

The Final Boss will destroy us all! (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Season 4 has been fantastic so far and the end is literally in sight! Today we go over the bosses we have seen in-game and the rumored final boss that will end the season.

The Marvel heroes have taken over Fortnite and it is next to impossible to play Season 4 without seeing some of the most iconic Marvel heroes inside the battle royale. Whether it's Mystique stealing your skins or Storm brewing up a lightning storm, the Marvel skins and superpowers have been a heroic smash hit!

Where to Find Doctor Doom

Fortnite Season 4 Bosses

Doctor Doom (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Doctor Doom is likely the most well know boss in the game, after all, he will give you two superhero weapons if you manage to kill him. Doctor Doom is located in Pleasant Park, now called Doom’s Domain since the boss took over the POI in Season 4, Chapter 2. You will find him patrolling his mansion and underground lair. Beware, he is often guarded by his well-armed henchmen.

Where to Find Wolverine

Fortnite Season 4 Bosses

Wolverine (Image Credit: Epic Games)

To unlock Wolverine’s Skin, you need to fight him in a battle to the death. Wolverine spawns in every game somewhere in the Weeping Woods. That means you have to go looking for him first. Some players have even found him several times in the southern half of the area. Wolverine should not be taken lightly, bring friends or come with a full loadout of strong weapons and consumables. Wolverine has deadly melee attacks and can regen HP so burst him down quickly for an easier kill.

Where to Find the Gorger Drones

The deadly Gorger Drones (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Next up we have the mysterious Gorger Drones that Galactus has sent to herald his arrival. Gorgers are a variant of the Gatherer Drones, but these ones are deadly little killers so only fight them when you have a decent loadout.

It appears the Gorger Drones have a random spawn location each game making them hard to find. When you load into a match and are airdropping onto the island, you should be able to see The Gorger’s red lights as you glide down.

Where to Find Ironman

Fortnite Season 4 Bosses

Duke it out with Ironman (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Ironman is the most iconic hero of our generation thanks to the multiple Avengers movies, so why not challenge him to a fight to the death! You can find a guide on how to unlock his skin here. To find Ironman first head over to Stark Industries. Next, go to the Stark workshop which is located on the west side of the main building, but be careful. Iron Man and some Stark robots might be inside, and these are not to be underestimated in any way.

What's That in the Sky? A Giant Purple Supervillain?

Galactus is coming to the small island of Fortnite! Bad news everybody, he is an eater of worlds and a cosmic sized identity. That’s right, Galactus feeds on literal planets. We really wonder how on earth will we ever be able to kill a planet-sized being with an SMG and a Pump Shotgun.

Not much is know about when or where Galactus will appear in the game, but it will be very hard to miss once he arrives. Once the supervillain is in the game we will surely break down all you need to know.

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