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The Door to Darkness

Fortnite Save The World: Homebase Update & The Lars Pack

Fortnite Save the world Willow and lars
Save the World Update is here! | © Epic Games

It looks like in Season 8 Save the World will get some love with the Homebase Update. This update will bring new Harvesting Tools, Weapon Wraps, and Outfits to Fortnite. In addition, we get the Lars Pack which is full of value that you cannot miss.

The Fortnite Save the World mode has just got a new update on September 15 with the Homebase status report released by Epic Games on their official site.

In this latest addition to Fortnite’s official PVE mode, we get a variety of new items like the Black Blade, the Husk Grinder, and a new SMG, The Dirge Song. All three new weapons will help you fight the husk that infest the Oakridge Hallow Hotel, a new playable location in Stoneplanketwine.

The Door To Darkness Has Opened!

Epic tells us that through this door you will,

"...embark on a seven day (and six night) journey into terror. A strange entity has invited the Homebase crew to a nightmarish stay at the Oakdirge Hollows, Stoneplanketwine’s third most haunted hotel! Managing to make it through the Door to Darkness will unlock the ghoulish Outlander, Willow!"

Willow the Outlander’s Abilities:

This new character in Save The World wants your soul, and your candy!

Standard Perk: Ghoulish Cackle

  • Increase Ability damage up to 37.5% based on the percentage of your missing health.

Commander Perk: Ghoulish Cackle +

  • Increase Ability damage up to 37.5% based on the percentage of your missing health. 
  • In addition, ability eliminations have a 70% chance to conjure a Phantasm which seeks out nearby foes and explodes, dealing 62 base energy damage in a small radius.

A clear Halloween theme preparing us for Fortnightmares which is just around the corner in Fortnite Season 8. But that is not all, the Homebase update also brings the Lars Pack, which contains enough sweet goodies to tide us over until the Halloween festivities kick-off later this month.

What is in the Fortnite Lars Pack?

The Lars Pack
Save the World Skin | © Epic Games
  • Lars Hero Skin, The Storm
  • Storm Strummer Backbling
  • Prop Chop Pickaxe
  • The Lars Challenges
  • Access to Save the World
  • 1000 V-Bucks
  • 1000 X-Ray Tickets

With this pack, you will be pretty well-equipped to take on the challenges in Oakridge Hallows.

How much does the Lars Pack Cost?

The Lars pack comes with a lot of content, so it will run you a hefty 16$ USD but will give you access to Fortnite’s PVE adventure mode and the Oak Ridge Hallows chapter of the adventure. Any skin purchased in the Save the World Mode is useable in the Battle Royale Mode as well.

What do you think? Do you play Fortnite PVE either in Creative or Save the World? Let’ us know on our Discord which is popping off all day long!

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