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All Quests for the Rift Tour Concert Event

All Fortnite Rift Tour Quests: Interact with Posters & Hologram Pads on the Party UFO

Rift Tour Quests Fortnite
All Rift Tour Quests | © Epic Games

The Rift Tour event is coming to Fortnite on August 6 and to keep us busy until the live event starts, Epic Games, has added the Rift Tour Quests to Fortnite. Let’s take a look at all Rift Tour Quest: Where to interact with the Rift Tour Posters & where to use the Alien Hologram Pad on the Party UFO.

According to Epic Games, The Rift Tour will be a “musical journey into magical new realities where Fortnite and a record-breaking superstar collide.” At this point in time, everyone thinks the record-breaking artist will be none other than Ariana Grande.

What is the Rift Tour?

The Rift Tour will be an in-game concert with a real-life music artist. Most Fortniters will remember this was also done with Travis Scott. The Rift Tour has multiple showtimes for each global timezones, and you check out all the information in the Rift Tour Tab in-game.

What are the Rift Tour Quests?

Rift Tour Quest Fortnite
Current Rift Tour Quests | © Epic Games

Currently, there are 3 Rift Tour Quest in-game. They are as follows:

  • Save the date in the Rift Tour Tab and play a match 0/2
  • Use an Alien Hologram Pad on top of the Party UFO 0/1
  • Interact with the Rift Tour posters 0/1

Each Quest gives a Before the Tour Reward:

  • Cosmic Cuddles Loading Screen (Art by Delicious Design League)
  • Rift-sterpiece Spray
  • Cloudy Kitty Emoticon

Where to Interact with Rift Tour Posters in Fortnite

Rift Tour posters Fortnite
All poster locations | © Epic Games

To locate the Rift Tour posters, head to the west side of Misty Meadows.

All Rift Tour Poster Locations:

  • On the wall near the western bus stop.
  • At the bottom of the western stairs.
  • At the top of the stairs on the wall to the left.
  • Behind a building at the southwest of Misty Meadows.

After you interact with one poster, you will complete the quest.

Where to Use an Alien Hologram Pad on top of the Party UFO

The Party UFO is located above the island, so you will need to get there after jumping off the Bus. Find the Party UFO in the center of the map at the Aftermath POI. The UFO will be a slightly different color. On top of the Party UFO, you will find the Alien Hologram Pads scattered across the top of the ship, and a simple jump on one will complete the quest.

The next Rift Tour Quests will be added on August 6, the same time as when the Rift Tour event with Ariana Grande goes live. Check back as we will update this article with how to complete the new quests when they are released.

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