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There are stats that prove it

Fortnite Razer Invitational Europe: A Complete Success

Fortnite Razer Invitational Europe
The Razer Invitational - Europe is over and was a great success. (Credit: Razer)

After the Razer Invitational - Southeast Asia and Latin America, the Razer Invitational - Europe has now come to an end. As numbers show, the esports efforts of the hardware manufacturer Razer are bearing fruit.

In early December 2020, the Razer Invitational - Europe kicked off a six-week tournament series in the ever-popular Battle Royale shooter Fortnite. Each week, a tournament for up to 5,000 participants took place. Anyone who had registered in time was eligible to participate. The teams competed against each other in a trios format on three tournament days and collected points for kills and placings. At the end of each week, there was a prize pool of €6,600 and some hardware prizes from Razer and its partners.

Sounds cool? It was, as the numbers show:

Fortnite Razer Invitational Europe stats
The Fortnite Razer Invitational - Europe had a huge reach among participants and audience. (Credit: Razer)

As Razer told us themselves:

"The Razer Invitational - Europe was very successful and shows how well this new form of online sports tournaments and competitions is being received. With almost 50,000 participants, you could fill a whole stadium.
With the Razer Invitational - Europe, we have strengthened esports as a worldwide phenomenon and its continued growth - especially in the Covid 19 pandemic. In doing so, we've paved the way for small players and newcomers to perhaps become the next superstar in the esports industry. After all, esports is Razer's DNA and we've been supporting esports for as long as it's existed."

We couldn't agree more with that statement. Almost 50,000 participants from six different nations, a total of 12 million viewers and up to 77,000 of them at the same time speak for themselves. We are already looking forward to future Esports events of one of the most well-known hardware manufacturers worldwide and will of course keep you up to date.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Lukas Ballat.