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Where do the new cartable weapons rank?

Fortnite Primal Weapons: Season 6 Tier List

Fortnite Primal Weapons Season 6
We rank the best weapons in season 6 (Credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Season 6 Chapter 2 brings a new kind of craftable weapon to the battle royale: the primal and mechanical weapons. But where do they rank among the other Fornite Weapons? Let’s look at the Season 6 Primal Weapon tier list and which ones are the best.

Fortnite Season 6
brought two new craftable weapons: Primal and Mechanical weapons, which can be upgraded from Makeshift weapons. Players can customize these Makeshift weapons and improve their accuracy, fire rate, damage, and more. However, there is still a tier list of what the best guns in Fortnite are, regardless of which customizations you can make.

F- Tier Weapons

F is not for Fortnite - it’s for fail. Meaning these weapons are simply bad and should only be used if you can't find anything else. Hell, even your pickaxe might do a better job.

  • Primal Bow: Despite being new, it is outclassed by other bows such as the Mechanical bow or the flame/stink bow. You're better off crafting those bows, than using this very inaccurate bow.
  • Revolver: This weapon has too few bullets and a slow fire rate. In close combat, it may get the job done, but it is outclassed by any shotgun. At longer ranges, there are so many better options.
  • Makeshift Weapons: Makeshift Bow, Makeshift Revolver, and Makeshift Rifle are simply too weak compared to any other weapon on this list.

C- Tier Weapons

C- Tier weapons are useable when you first land and have nothing better at hand. Look to replace these as fast as possible. Primal is the theme of C-Tier Weapons and in all cases, the mechanical crafted version is just better.

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  • Primal Rifle: Terrible first shot accuracy.
  • Primal Stink Bow: It’s more a meme than an actual weapon you want to use. Even the worst players know this.
  • Primal Pistol: It has burst fire, so it is not completely useless. You can snag an early kill, but look for a better weapon to replace it with soon.
  • Mechanical Bow: Great range, but average damage and not even close to a sniper rifle in terms of power.

B- Tier Weapons

Fortnite Primal Weapons Season 6
Bows are cool but fall short of being good. (Credit: Epic Games)

Now, we get into the passable weapons that actually get you some kills. Not the best weapons or the most deadly, but they get the job done.

  • Makeshift Shotgun: A good fire rate and the spray pattern is tight enough to get some one-shot kills up close. The gun only carries a 2-round magazine so in a drawn-out firefight it will fall short.
  • SMG: Ever since it was nerfed, it has fallen on the Fortnite Weapon Tier lists. Now, it has an average fire rate and is outclassed by any other automatic in the game. Use it until you find a better one.
  • Makeshift Tactical SMG: A crazy fast fire rate and an ace right off the drop. Its damage is low but spray enough and get an easy kill.
  • Mechanical Explosive Bow: So, grenades are already pretty good on their own, but you may consider crafting this one. Shoot your grenades farther and get that sweet 2x headshot bonus damage. However, most of the time you will just throw your grenades the normal way.
  • Primal Flame Bow: It’s cool and all, but not really useful given this game has literal machine guns. So outside of setting a bush or build on fire, this Flame Bow is only okay at getting kills.

A- Tier Weapons

Okay now we start to get into the heavy hitters in Fortnite and this will include some of your go-to killers. Well, not the most overpowered weapons, but they are welcomed in any Fortniters' loadout.

  • P90: The best second weapon to switch to if the fight moves to mid/close range, as it has a great fire rate and high damage. It’s not as explosive as a shotgun blast, but amazing at mid-ranges.
  • Shockwave Bow: Mostly used for mobility and dunking on people. Use it to get the jump on someone or escape a 3rd party situation.
  • Rocket Launcher: Still great and always will be. Use the rocket launcher to blast a bunkered camper or switch to it for a fast kill. As always, the Rocket Launcher has a very long reload time, so the best thing is to pump and dump and never spend time reloading it.

S-Tier Weapon

Fortnite Primal Weapons Season 6
Shockwave bow is pretty good! (Credit: Epic Games)

Is S-Tier for sweaty? Maybe so! These weapons are the best in Fortnite Season 6

  • Pump Shotgun: Fs in chat for everyone who has taken the fight close range and was one-shotted by a sweaty, quick switching pro, who was building his own personal fortress. If anyone dares to take the fight close-range, the Pump Shotgun is the best means of defense.
  • Assault Rifle (SCAR) - The best weapon in Fortnite for nearly every season it has been in. The body damage alone makes this simply the most versatile and deadly weapon you can find.
  • The Primal Drum Shot Gun: Much like the Pump shotty, the Drum Shotgun, shells out a double burst that ends anyone in close range. Pair this with an Assault Rifle, and you got every situation covered.


Okay, now get into some lobbies and build that perfect loadout! But make sure you come back to EarlyGame afterwards, okay? We'll miss you, otherweise.