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These aren’t cool. Not even in the slightest.

Fortnite “Pay-To-Win” Skins: Get Them Out Of Here!

Fortnite pay-to-win-skins fix coming soon!
You're not a hero if you play with these, you're literally the villain, okay? (Credit: Epic Games)

The upcoming Fortnite v15.30 update will no longer let players turn their superhero skins completely black or white after a controversial “pay-to-win” debate arose. Here is everything we know.

“Pay-to-win” skins. Everyone hates those. Except for the ones that use them, but to those people we say:

Fortnite pay-to-win-skins fix coming soon! Even Mushu agrees that it needs to happen!

But let’s backtrack a little and look at what has happened that got the Fortnite community in such an uproar:

Fans were able to purchase custom superhero skins for which they could select “white/white” or “black/black” as the color of their skins, which would essentially make them nearly invisible when hiding in dark corners.

You’ve heard of this issue before? Probably because Call of Duty is also having the same one at the moment.

Like… you’re telling me you can see that there’s a person in this room:

Fortnite pay-to-win-skins fix coming soon!
It literally took me two minutes. No joke. (Credit: Epic Games)

Anyways, the controversy will soon come to an end, as Fortnite leakers have announced that the Fortnite v15.30 update will no longer let players have this customization option. Devs have previously mentioned that they are indeed working on this issue, we just weren’t sure with which update that fix would come.

But now we do.

And because the devs realized their f-up, they decided to not only adjust the lighting on the map to completely eradicate this issue, but to also give out refunds to those who weren’t happy with the superhero skin.

Pretty damn impressive, huh? Good devs.

As for when Fortnite v.15.30 update will drop, we’re currently looking at the first week of February 2021.

So if you’re being a d*ck and are using these Fortnite “pay-to-win” skins, enjoy it for a little while longer… d*ck.


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