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Not the biggest, but something...

Another Update for Fortnite: Patch 3.06 – Patch Notes Right Here

Fortnite Patch 3.06
At least tournament players will be happy. (Credit: Epic Games)

After a surprising update was released for Fortnite, a second one has now shot right through: Fortnite Patch 3.06 seems to focus mainly on fixing bugs. Here's the scoop!

Epic Games has published the patch notes for Fortnite Patch 3.06. The update went live yesterday, February 24, on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Android users already received the update, while iOS players still have to make do without new updates due to the ongoing legal dispute between Apple and Epic Games.

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Fortnite Patch 3.06 – Patch Notes

Fortnite's surprise Patch 15.40.1 announced that the LTM Comeback Squads will be coming to Fortnite this week. Also, the Hand Cannon is back in Fortnite now that the shooting iron is back in the vault. Fortnite's Update 3.06, on the other hand, almost looks boring:

Yes, those are the patch notes. It's a rather small patch compared to other Fortnite updates, which often include a bunch of new content for players. However, tournament players should be happy about the fix to the error message. This should no longer appear now. Also, Android users who want to spend a lot of money on V-Bucks via the Samsung Store can now do so unhindered. Yay!

What is the Fortnite Patch 15.50 Release Date?

For those who are now disappointed with the changes being so minimal, there is no need to worry about it. It shouldn't be too long before the big patch 15.50 comes to Fortnite. We estimate that the update will go live on March 2.


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Original article was written by Alisa Eiber.