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Fortnite Patch 15.30: Ciao Superhero Skins, Hello New Weapons!

Fortnite patch 15 30

The changes aren't too big, but we still have all the details for you. (Credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Season 5 Chapter 2 has been updated and has received some new features. Patch 15.30 brings new weapons and a new LTM but we also have to say goodbye to something.

The Fortnite servers are down and everyone is eagerly waiting to see what patch 15.30 will bring to the island. What changes are included this time? Stay tuned, because we'll show you everything you need to know about it. Get on the Battle Bus and let's go!

Fortnite Server Downtime

Last night, the Twitter account Fortnite Status announced the new update. The V.15.30 update was subsequently released today, February 2. Fortnite servers have been down since 10:00 for scheduled maintenance.

How long the servers will be down is anyone's guess. However, if you look at the past patches, you can conclude that the servers will be back online after about 2-3 hours - so very soon.

Change to the Superhero Skins

Epic Games used to release patch notes with every update, detailing all the changes to the game. In the meantime, we are thrown in at the deep end, so we only find out from leakers or the official Trello board, what is coming to the game with the new update.

The only confirmed change we know for sure right now is one that affects the Fortnite Superhero skin, as Epic highlighted that "outfits in the Superhero set contained color combinations that could affect the competitive integrity of matches."

New Weapons

Quite often we see at least one new weapon or item being added with a patch, even if it's just an upgrade.

Update 15.21 added the Predator's cloaking device, which allows players to turn invisible. Now, a news report has confirmed that we will get two new exotic weapons with this update - the Burst Quad Launcher and the Chug Cannon they are called. The former seems to be a sort of variant of the already known Quad Launcher. The Chug Cannon seems to be a similar role to the Bandage Bazooka as a long-range healing option, only instead of bandages, it uses Chug Splasher.

New exotic weapons fortnite

On the left we see the Burst Quad Launcher and on the right the new Chug Cannon. (Credit: Epic Games)


The update will also include the Mando's Bounty LTM. The Mandalorian has been a central part of the game since the launch of Season 5 and was a big part of the hype Epic Games used to announce the Season's release. Now, a new trailer has been released by Epic Games, hinting that a new job for the Mandalorian will be coming during Fortnite Season 5. No words are spoken in the short teaser, but it shows Mando receiving a message from one of the many characters in Fortnite.

The description teases, "Got a job for you. More info coming soon."

We're excited to see what the LTM will look like and will definitely keep you updated once the patch is out.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.

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