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The King of Pop in Fortnite – a brilliant idea!

Fortnite Has A New Michael Jackson Skin – THRILLER!

Michael Jackson Thriller Fortnite Skin
One of his most iconic outfits: the suit from the Thriller music video. (Credit: João Filipe Santiago via YouTube)

Fortnite is not only known for its gameplay, but also for its cool skins and viral dances. So, what could be more fitting than to immortalize someone in the game who was known for stylish dancing during his lifetime? We’re talking about none other than the King of Pop: Michael Jackson!

That’s right, Michael Jackson in Fortnite! Nobody expected this combination, but it sure as hell fits like a glove. The Internet is excited about this brilliant idea and is celebrating these skins based on Michael Jackson’s famous songs.

Michael Jackson Fortnite Moonwalk Skin
What a fantastic skin! (Credit: João Filipe Santiago)

There is a Thriller skin, which is of course also available as a zombie variant... There's also Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, and so on... The attention to detail makes it especially beautiful with sparkly jackets, which are simply the epitome of extravagance!

If you’re thinking to yourself now, “Gosh, this is too good to be true!” Then, you’re unfortunately right. The skins are not officially from Epic, but are fanmade and come from a YouTube channel from João Filipe Santiago. He really went all out to make the skins look as real as possible, and he definitely succeeded. The video is getting a lot of attention, and rightly so, in our opinion.

Still, it was a nice thought, and maybe Epic Games will even take it as an example, and consider bringing the King of Pop to the game officially? Well, considering Michael Jackson’s history, maybe not... But perhaps? We would certainly be down with it, and could imagine even more stars like him in Fortnite!

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Original article by Laura Pippig.