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The Fortnite – Marvel Crossover Is Just Beginning

Nexus War Fortnite

Image Credit: Epic Games

During a guest appearance on the podcast This Week in Marvel, Epic Games' Creative Director Donald Mustard revealed that the Fortnite - Marvel Crossover is far from over.

In Chapter 2, Season 4, the world of Fortnite is embroiled in the Nexus War, an event featuring characters and plots from the various Marvel universes of comics, movies and television shows. While the themed Seasons, crossover narratives and guest appearances by characters from other franchises - including Star Wars, John Wick and Stranger Things - are nothing new for the Battle Royale, this is the first time Fortnite will feature a complete story crossover. And this seems to be just the beginning.

Epic Games Plan with Marvel

Epic's planning for Fortnite's ongoing crossover with Marvel will continue for a long time to come. Speaking during the This Week in Marvel podcast, Epic Games' Creative Director Donald Mustard said the story is far from over.

Deadpool Fortnite

Image credit: Epic Games

Mustard made it clear that the Nexus War is just the beginning of many things Epic and Marvel have planned for Fortnite. Deadpool served as a starting point for players to delve into the story and while other comic characters have further expanded on it, there is much more to Fortnite's narrative.

Instead of treating Fortnite's story as a normal narrative, I will create a world where the island is the main character [...]. I have planned the story and the narrative structure for many, many, many years. And we are only in our third year of planning.

Donald Mustard

It remains to be seen exactly how long the Marvel Crossover will really last, but Mustard says players will begin to understand why the Marvel theme has been developed in this way, which suggests that the storyline of the current season will be relevant for a long time to come.

The current season is expected to end on November 30 with the arrival of Galactus, but Mustard suggests that the most powerful heroes on Earth will return to the Fortnite Map sooner than later.

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