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Lemme rephrase that: Two Terminator Skins incoming

Fortnite Leak: Terminator Skin Incoming!

Fortnite Leak Terminator Skin
Hasta La Vi... nah that's too cringe: Terminator skin in Fortnite baby! (Credit: PlayStation Store)

A Terminator skin is coming to Fortnite. More precisely, a T-800 and Sarah Connor skin is going to be added to the game soon – according to a leak that is...

Gaming & leaks... name a more iconic duo. Remember the good old days, when news were officially revealed? No? We don't either. Anyway:

The Terminator is coming to Fortnite baby!!!

Well... it's a leak, but we're fairly certain it's true for a simple reason: The leak is entirely consistent with two Fortnite teasers, one of which was data mined and the other one was actually an official Twitter post by the Fortnite account:

'A ruthless machine and a protector of the future'

Come on... it doesn't get more obvious than that? Arnie is coming and we are fully expecting cheesy quotes galore:

"I'll be back!"

"Hasta la vista, baby!"

"Get to the choppaaaaa!"

Oh we're here for it. We're so here for it.

You probably wanna know who leaked all this goodness, right? Well, it was the PlayStation Store, so some intern definitely got fired. Sorry, boo. The leak is the picture you see above and said picture showed up in the store, where it caught the eyes of several gamers. Like Mrfox895, who took the post to Twitter, where the author of this article saw it and decided to tweet the very same picture himself. Shameless. (Kudos to @Mrfox895!)

As is the case with things of this nature, the listing has since been removed. It was replaced with a Fortnite Crew listing, but everybody knows: What was once seen, can never be unseen. Also, we already have the predator in Fortnite and a Terminator portal that was uncovered by data miners in the last update... so:

Terminator skin in Fortnite confirmed.

There you go.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Fortnite Terminator Skin
Can we please get an Arnie skin too? Pretty please? (Credit: Terminator movie)


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