Yaa bring us back the old vehicles!

Fortnite Leak: Will We Soon Be Driving Golf Carts Again?

Fortnite golfwagen

Many seasons have passed. Now the golf carts could return again. (Credit: Epic Games)

A few leakers have once again dug through Fortnite's files and found out a few interesting things. It seems that some familiar means of transportation could be added to the game.

Who remembers the good old days, when we drove with the golf cart over the old Fortnite map? Yes, we miss them too. It seems Epic might soon be bringing some of that nostalgia back to us in the game.

While browsing through the files of the game's latest update, data miner @FNBRUnreleased noticed that both the Ballers and Hoverboards, as well as the popular golf carts, have been updated, indicating that they are currently being worked on.

Fortnite baller

In the beginning, the Ballers were not the most popular means of transportation. Nevertheless, we had many fun moments with them. (Credit: Epic Games)

Golf Carts, Hoverboards, and Ballers Back in Fortnite?

That's right! In addition to the Ballers and Hoverboards, Epic Games has also updated the files of the golf carts, all of which are vehicles that we haven't seen on the new Chapter 2 map before. Again, does this mean that these will be returning to Fortnite? Not necessarily, but it's also unclear why else these specific files would be updated.

For now, the above leaks leave a lot of room for speculation. However, except for the boats and cars, all vehicles have been removed from the map at the moment, so it may well be that Epic is working on new means of transportation for the players again.

While the evidence suggests that all three of these vehicles will return, the files don't indicate when or if they will actually enter the game. If they do, let's at least hope they don't have to be fueled by gas as well. Oh, and Epic, if any of you are reading this: Maybe you'll reconsider bringing back the trampolines for us.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.

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