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Fortnite: This Is What Lara Croft & Croft Manor Look Like!

lara croft manor fortnite
Lara is brand new in Fortnite Season 6. (Credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Season 6 did not only bring the new Primal chapter, but also Lara Croft as a new character. Epic revealed just now that we will also see Lara's beloved home, Croft Manor, in the game soon! We'll show you what it will look like. 

As expected, the new Fortnite season is a huge success. It was clear all along that Lara Croft will become part of the Fortnite universe. Right on time for the 25th universe of the Tomb Raider franchise, we will finally get to see her in the game.

Lara will become a new skin in Fortnite, but that's not all: Croft Manor will also find its way into the game and could become a really cool location there!

Lara Croft Fortnite Skin

No idea what it is about the skin, but Lara Croft fits right into Fortnite as if she always belonged there. But that's what happens with almost every character that finds their way into the game, am I right? By the way, there is also a golden Lara skin that just looks fancy AF...

Will Croft Manor Come to Fortnite?

Anyway, there's another detail that you can spot in the background, which actually is Croft Manor! In Season 6 of Fortnite, Croft Manor will become a new map for Fortnite Creative mode! Lara's home is meant as an exploration map, so we will most likely get to see some cool easter eggs there. 

Croft Manor in Fortnite

lara croft manor fortnite
How cool is that? (Credit: Epic Games)

Croft Manor looks so cool and has a great atmosphere. You want to jump right into the game and explore everything, don't you? Croft Manor is an important part of Lara's story, not only since she grew up there.

This house is filled to the brim with secrets meant to be explored. And very soon, you will be able to experience it in Fortnite as well!


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