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Fortnite: The Highest and the Lowest Places on the Map!

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Image Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite's Week 9 Challenges appeared yesterday and one task requires you to dance on the highest and lowest points of the map. Let's find them on the map and grab those easy 25,000 XP.

Every Thursday, new Fortnite challenges appear that give you a lot of XP when you complete them. These are necessary to level up and get cool Battle Pass rewards or skins.

This week, you have to dance at the highest and lowest place on the map. But with the map's hilly landscape, these places are not so easy to find. We will show them to you!

Dance on The Map

Once you know where the locations are, the task is very easy to complete. We have marked them for you here:

Lowest and highest point fortite map

Dance on these points to get easy XP. (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The highest point on the map is south of Catty Corner on the snow-covered mountain top. It is marked by a red flag. Choose an emote of your choice and you should complete this part of the task in no time.

Highest point fortnite map

The red flag marks your goal. (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The lowest point of the map is in the middle of Coral Castle. Just land there and dance.

Lowest point fortnite map

Deep in the ocean lies your goal (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Well, that's it. Now the challenge should be complete and you will get your 25,000 XP reward. Pretty easy, right?

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