Here is everything that happened in the Galactus Event!

Fortnite Galactus Event: This Is What Happened!

Fortnite galactus

Galactus raged around in Fortnite yesterday. Here you can see everything that happened in the big Event! (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The Galactus Event in Fortnite is now over and it ended Season 4 of the Battle Royale King. Epic sent the entire community into the fight against the Devourer of Worlds and ended the latest season with a bang. Here you can see, what exactly happened there.

The earth is shaking with every step, the land is breaking around him from his sheer power, the imposing figure appears to take in the entire horizon. The Galactus Event was, in many ways, gigantic and impressive. During the event, the normal Fortnite playlists were turned off and players only had the option to join the fight against the Devourer of Worlds, which asked players to "Defend the Island to save all Reality!"

When joining the playlist, players landed on the helipad and had to wait out the countdown. Then it happened: an alarm starts blaring around the ears of the Fortnite-heroes and on the horizon appeared a dark, endlessly big and frightening shape: Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds! With a booming voice, he announced: "Beware! I hunger!"

With one swing of his giant hand, he destroyed the helipad and sent the players into free fall. Enter Iron Man: the steely Avenger gave players a Jetpack and a mission: stop Galactus from devouring Zero Point.

Fortnite Galactus Event Iron Man Thor 2

Iron Man, Thor and other Marvel heroes helped the Fortnite players to defeat Galactus. (Image Credit: The Verge/Epic Games)

From here on out, the event became quite cookoo. Iron Man cloned the Battle Bus! And he that millions of times. Cray. The players were now supposed to defeat Galactus with this. Of course, that meant, you probably already guessed it, that you could FINALLY control the Battle Bus! That was definitely the coolest part of the event.

Armed with the Battle Bus, players collectively charged Galactus and had to blast swarms of drones on the way there. Oh yeah, Thor and Wolverine were there too btw.

As soon as enough player-buses were sucked in by Galactus, tears appeared on the giant's body, he fell into a big tear in the Space-Time-Space-thing and boom... done was the fight against the Devourer of Worlds!

So that was the hyped-up Galactus Event. It was exciting and fun, but also somewhat confusing and pretty short. However, it was definitely an interesting way to end Season 4 on a bang and to tease Season 5. You can watch the entire event in the video below.

What do you think of the Galactus Event? Did Epic manage to pull off a cool ending to Season 4 or could it in the end not live up to the hype? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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