Season’s 4 Big-Bad is coming!

Fortnite’s Galactus Event Live in December

Fortnite galactus event1

This onetime event features a super villain! (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Season 4 has brought us an array of Marvel Heroes all in preparation to battle the unstoppable Galactus. Epic announced on Twitter that the Devourer of Worlds is coming to destroys us all very soon!

Galactus is making his way across the cosmos and his next stop is the world of Fortnite. Epic Teased its arrival several times this season but now we know exactly when Galactus will arrive. It is said that this event will change the reality of Fortnite forever so do not miss this one-time event.

December 1st, the Super Villian with a stomach for planets is coming to feast on its players and its world. How exactly will you stop this monster? Good thing we have Ironman, Thor, Black Widow, and company to help in the defense of Fortnite.

How long the event will last is not clear, but it is rumored to be a one-time event. Epic Games stated that players should pre-download patch 14.60. In addition, players should log-in early:

"We’ve taken measures to ensure more people can attend the event, but we still recommend everyone log into Fortnite at least 60 minutes prior to the event’s start. The event playlist is expected to go live 30 minutes prior to the start time."

You have lots of time to prepare for this one-time event that starts on Tuesday, December 1 at 4 PM Eastern Standard Time.

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