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The big Fortnite tournament has started & there are nice ingame rewards....

How To Get the Free Fortnite FNCS Twitch Drops

FNCS Twitch Drops
FNCS has begun and these cool twitch drops are waiting for you! (Credit: Epic Games)

Qualifiers for FNCS Season 5 have begun and, as always, Epic will allow viewers to earn some exclusive in-game rewards through free Twitch Drops. We'll show you how!

Originally, the Fortnite FNCS was supposed to start on February 7, 2021. However, it had to be postponed due to a bug that prevented players from joining the tournament queue. It finally started last weekend and Epic Games has decided to broadcast the tournament in many new regions and languages. As always, there will be some cool free in-game rewards for all the spectators.

FNCS Broadcast

FNCS launched yesterday, February 14, 2021, and Epic will broadcast FNCS in Europe, North America (East), and Brazil, as well as North America (West). In addition, the broadcast of FNCS in Oceania will be presented by the Australian Open (AO). Last but not least, the competitions in Europe will also be broadcast in German, Spanish, and French.

This season, the broadcasts will focus on the decisive competition phases of the FNCS. In plain language, this means that the focus will be on the last round of qualifications - i.e. February 14, 21, and 28 - as well as the semifinals and finals.

The program schedule in Europe is as follows:

  • Show start: 13:00/19:00 CET
  • Live broadcast for Europe: 13:15/19:15 CET
  • End of the broadcast: approx. 16:30/22:30 CET

You can watch the replay of the first qualification in English here:

Free Twitch Drops in FNCS

There are plenty of free Twitch Drops for viewers again this FNCS Season. Decide on a supported channel by simply looking under the stream title (all official channels are supported). Don't forget that your Epic and Twitch accounts must be linked on to receive the Twitch Drops.

There are different rewards every week, so check in with the streams regularly to be lucky enough to win a back accessory, a spray, an emoticon, or a loading screen.

FNCS Free Twitch Drops
These cool rewards could soon be yours! (Credit: Epic Games)

How To Watch the FNCS Live

All shows in all languages will be streamed at You can find the native Twitch stream for the broadcast you want here:

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