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The last week of Trios

Fortnite FNCS 4: Week 3 Winners

Fortnite FNCS 4
Week 3 of Competition FNCS (Image Credit: Epic Games)

We are again looking at the top 3 regions of competitive Fortnite: NA East, NA West, and Europe. The regions competed in the FNCS 4 Week 3 qualifiers and we have your winners!

Week 3 of the FNCS took place from October 22-25, and again the prize pool for each region stood at $36,855. Thousands of teams battled in the prelim lobbies until only 33 teams made it to the final 6 matches. Nothing has changed from Week 1 in terms of format as the whole FNCS 4 series is Trios.

FNCS 4 NA East Top 5 Squads

Fortnite FNCS 4
Na East Winners! (Image Credit: Epic Games)

NA East was a much closer battle in Week 3 of the FNCS 4 but still, the trio of Comadon, ILILILIL and Edgey were victorious with 236 points and 2 Victory Royales. They won Week 3 with a commanding 20-point margin in a top 5 stacked with pros players. Merro, Zayz, Bugha, and Bizzle all fell short in their respective squads and NA East is proving to be quite the competitive region this year.

  • 1st: Comadon, ILILILIL, and Edgey (236 pts.) - $7,500
  • 2nd: Deyy, Mero, and Reverse2k (216 pts.) - $4,500
  • 3rd: Zayt, Saffy, and Stremon (199 pts.) - $3,000
  • 4th :Jamper, Bugha, and Avery (195 pts.) - $2,250
  • 5th: Clix, Illest, and Bizzle (169 pts.) - $1,980

*The Top 33 teams cashed the tournament!

FNCS 4 NA West Top 5 Squads

Fortnite FNCS 4
NA West Winners! (Image Credit: Epic Games)

In the west, Week 3 finally saw a different trio take home first place! That’s right the unstoppable trio of Arkhram, Rehx, and EpikWhale were sadly not able to secure their three-peat and only ranked third place this week. Instead, they had to step aside for the squad of Little, Temple B and Pelican who scored 227 points to win Week 3 of the FNCS 4 qualifiers. NA West was also a lot closer this week as the top trio only won by a margin of 10 points.

  • 1st: Little, Temple B and Pelican (227 pts.) - $1,650
  • 2nd: Kenshi, maken, and TD Dog (217 pts.) - $1,350
  • 3rd: EpikWhale, Rehx, and b(163 pts.) -$1,275
  • 4th: Reet, Wavydfavs13, and Dwavy13 (162 pts.) - $1,200
  • 5th: Symmetrical, Mony and Jayrosez (154 pts.) - $1,125*

*The Top 15 teams cashed the tournament!

FNCS 4 Europe Top 5 Squads

Fortnite FNCS 4
Europe Winners! (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The European region of Fortnite has always been unpredictable, and in Week 3 of the FNCS 4, we seem to be setting a trend. Another domination, this time by the trio of And1zr, Jannisz and Duckontop who scored a total of 201 points to secure first place. The squad won by a 31-point margin and that sets the record for the FNCS 4 qualifiers across the regions of NA East, Na West and Europe for the most dominating win.

  • 1st: And1zr, Jannisz and Duckontop (201 pts.) - $12,000
  • 2nd: Umplify, Adnsoefy, and Matsoe (170 pts.) - $10,500
  • 3rd: Hen, Go Decyptos, and Putrick (167 pts.) - $9,000
  • 4th: K1nzell, Wolfiezrr, and Dumptruck (162 pts.) - $6,000
  • 5th: Refsgaard, Stompyx and Skram (159 pts.) - $3,000

*Top 33 teams cashed the tournament!

There we have it 3 weeks of different qualifiers and you can check out our previous article right here:

The only thing left is the Finals of the FNCS 4 and once Epic Games publishes a list of all the qualified squads, we will let you know who will be competing for the $5 million prize pool.

EarlyGame will be here each week bringing you the winners and losers leading up to the FNCS 4 Season Finals. Check it! Our Fortnite section is here and features great content like The Top 5 Fortnite "Traps" From All Seasons and Fortnite Season 4 Bosses: Is the Final Boss Incoming?