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She made it!

Fortnite: Female Oro/Orelia Location and Quests

Fortnite: Female Oro Location
Female Oro aka Orelia is now live in Fortnite! (Credit: Epic Games)

There's a brand-new NPC in Fortnite with the addition of Female Oro also known as Orelia. The leaks were all true and Orelia can now be found in a specific location on the Fortnite map.

With today's update, Epic Games added Orelia into Fortnite. The female version of Oro deals in gold bars and offers some specific quests that you can complete. Chances are we'll see more of her with this week's challenges on Thursday.

Where can I find Female Oro/Orelia?

If you're looking for the new NPC, you'll find her at Isla Nublada. Haven't heard of it? Of course, you haven't, since the location is also brand-new, much like Orelia. Here's where you can find it on the map.

Orelia Fortnite Map
The new island will be a hot spot! (Credit: Epic Games)

Orelia won't be there just for show. Right beside her, you'll find a golden SCAR and that's a great weapon to start with. In addition, you can complete various quests that according to Epic will vary, depending on your outfit. 

For those who intend to find favor with the empress of gold, try doing so with different Outfits equipped — all are eligible to receive her help, but she may have one more bestowal in store...

So far we know that you can get the golden version of Lara Croft by picking up the golden SCAR near Orelia.

Orelia Quest Line

Data miners already uncovered a quest line tied with Orelia aptly named the "Foreshadowing Quest Line".

As mentioned above, we'll probably see more quests that'll somehow include Orelia on Thursday once the weekly challenges drop. Until then, you'll be able to complete Orelia's challenges that are already available for everyone.

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