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Could it get any more colorful?

Fortnite x Fall Guys Crossover With New Skins Coming!

Fortnite x Fall Guys Crossover Coming
On the left: Your favorite bear on LSD. On the right: What he's seeing right now. (Credit: Fortnite Boards / Epic / Devolver Digital)

Fortnite is gonna get a crossover with Fall Guys, meaning Fall Guys will also get a crossover with Fortnite. Yay. At least that's according to leaks, which... is how we get all our gaming news these days anyway.

Fortnite doesn't even care anymore: Marvel, Terminator, Keanu Reeves, Streamers... everybody gets a skin or a crossover. What's next? Pornhub? No. Fall Guys is next. At least that's according to FNLeaksandInfo:

The crossover will include some new Fortnite skins coming to Fall Guys – at least that's according to the code that leakers have data mined. It would seem logical then, that Fall Guys skin might also come to Fortnite. So if you ever wanted to play Fortnite as a Jelly Bean, then... what a time to be alive, I guess?

That last bit might actually not work out in terms of hit boxes, but Epic will probably figure something out. A gun that shoots Fall Guys maybe?

At the time of writing, not more is known about this latest crossover. To be fair though, the code above was only added to Fall Guys recently. Also, once something leaks, the real announcement is usually not far behind.


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