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Diamond Hanz is coming

New Fortnite Diamond Hanz Stonks Skin: Meme Skin is Real For Limited Time Only

Fortnite Skin Diamond Hanz Stonks Meme
Fortnite knows no limits... none at all... (Credit: Diamond Hanz Skin - Fortnite)

It's April Fool's, so when Fortnite announces the stonks man as a skin, you'd be right to assume it's a joke. Well... turns out the meme skin is real, and it's coming to Fortnite: Stonks man, aka Diamond Hanz.

Well, first things first, allow us to catch you up on the latest Fortnite skin:

Ok, now that that's out of the way: Are you kidding me? Stonks man is coming to Fortnite?

Look at those moves, bro! Can't wait. Way to give Mr. Stonks a sexy make-over. We love it. Diamond Hanz, you got our vote.

Fortnite Diamond Hanz Skin: Release Date & Price

Well, the Diamond Hanz skin is available in the shop today. A meme skin, dropping on April Fool's Day. How fitting. The skin is part of the 'To the Moon' set, and you get it for 1200 Vbucks. Essentially, Diamond Hanz is a crash dummy in a suit, but we love our little stonks. Plus, the whole Gamestop thing was so epic, it was overdue to be immortalized in a video game.

Fortnite Skin Diamond Hanz Stonks Meme
If you weren't familiar, I present to you: Stonks Man. (Credit: KnowYourMeme)

If you're not clued in on all the jokes here, allow us to be the Dad that explains: 'To the moon' is a slogan used on the WallStreetBets Reddit and Reddit was of course responsible for the whole Gamestop Wall-Street Fiasco

If you want the Diamond Hanz skin, be quick: It's only available in the item store today, so if you want to get stonky, you better be quick about it.


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