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Hype Nite Fortnite Event

Be among the best and win some of that prize pool! (Credit: Epic Games)

Epic has already announced a number of tournament formats for 2021, players will get to show off their skills for the first time in the new year. What is the Fortnite Cup? Let's answer that now!

Fortnite Competitive announced a number of cool tournaments last week. Among them is the Fortnite Cup that takes place this afternoon. All the info can be found on Epic's website, but beware, it's a lot of text. So, you don't have to dig through it all by yourself, we've summarized all the important details about the Fortnite Cup here.

The Cup With Cash Prizes

In this event, there are cash prizes to be won and it is open to Champion League players only. This tournament consists of only one round! So good luck the competition will be fierce.

Format and Participation

The Cup is played in trio mode. For this, all players in the trio must be placed in the Champion League (Division I, II or III) in their respective region at the start of this Cup. Players who are eligible should see an event in the competition section of the player search in order to be allowed to participate.

In Europe, the Cup starts at 17:00 and runs for three hours. You can participate on any gaming platform. At the end of the competition section, the trios with the most points on the leaderboard of each region will be rewarded with prizes. You can find them at the bottom of the article.

Scoring System

The scoring system of the Fortnite Hype Cup is similar to the previous Cash Cups. While you earn a point through each elimination, placement is again important. The placement points are broken down as follows:

  • Epic Victory: 25 points
  • #2: 20 points
  • #3: 18 points
  • #4: 16 points
  • #5: 14 points
  • #6: 12 points
  • #7: 11 points
  • #8: 10 points
  • #9: 9 points
  • #10: 8 points
  • #11: 7 points
  • #12: 6 points
  • #13: 5 points
  • #14: 4 points
  • #15: 3 points
  • #16: 2 points
  • #17: 1 point


The following prizes will be awarded to each team split evenly among the three. Based on their placement on the leaderboard at the end of each competition section.


  • 1st place: $2,300
  • 2nd place: $1,800
  • 3rd place: $1,605
  • 4th place: $1,500
  • 5th-10th place: $1,200
  • 11th-15th place: $810
  • 16th-25th place: $675
  • 26th-50th place: $600

North America (East)

  • 1st place: $1,800
  • 2nd place: $1,425
  • 3rd place: $1,305
  • 4th place: $1,200
  • 5th place: $1,005
  • 6th-10th place: $810
  • 11th-20th place: $675
  • 21st-25th place: $600

North America (West)

  • 1st place: $1,200
  • 2nd place: $1,050
  • 3rd place: $810
  • 4th-6th place: $750
  • 7th-12th place: $600


  • 1st place: $1,200
  • 2nd place: $1,050
  • 3rd place: $810
  • 4th-6th place: $750
  • 7th-12th place: $600


  • 1st place: $1,050
  • 2nd place: $810
  • 3rd place: $750
  • 4th-6th place: $600

Middle East

  • 1st place: $900
  • 2nd place: $750
  • 3rd place: $700
  • 4th-5th: $600


  • 1st place: $900
  • 2nd-4th place: $600

It's not long until the tournament, so go ahead and warm up! We at EarlyGame wish you the best of luck! If you want to know more about Fortnite, feel free to check out our Fortnite section! Here we will keep you up to date with all the news!

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