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Is Fortnite Getting A Crossover With Disney+?

Fortnite disney

Fortnite could be getting a Disney crossover. (Image Credit: Epic Games)

There’s news about the collaboration between Fortnite and Disney+. Players who are buying V-Bucks will receive a free subscription for the streaming service. Isn’t that great?

A new leak is pointing toward a collaboration between Fortnite and Disney, saying players who are buying V-Bucks will receive a free The Mandalorian+… sorry, Disney+ subscription. This is the way!

Epic Games has been eager to expand the Fortnite universe in the last years and we have seen many crossovers with the current Marvel season being the biggest one so far. As Donald Mustard, Creative Director at Epic, points out, this won’t be the last one though.

Fortnite X Disney

Data miners recently discovered a potential new crossover, hidden in the game’s data and this one will be huge: It’s Disney+! It is saying that if you buy the in-game currency V-Bucks or other items with real money, you could receive a two-month subscription for the streaming server. The title says:

“New Lower Prices! Power Up With Disney+!”

You can try Disney+ for a week on the website of the streaming service, but two months sound better, right? The promotion could start on November 10 and last until December 31. And it does make sense because Disney holds the rights for Marvel studios.

And wouldn’t it be cool to see some real Disney characters in Fortnite’s future? Ok, we’ve gone to far with this one, but who knows?

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Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.

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