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A possible New Fortnite Skin

Fortnite Crew Leak: Is Ava The Community Skin in August's Pack?

Fortnite Crew Pack Ava August Pack
Is this skin in August's Fortnite Crew Pack? | © Epic Games

A community skin might be in August's Fortnite Crew Pack! Nollobandz, the skin’s creator confirmed his Ava fanart was selected by Epic Games

Community Skins are nothing new to Fortnite and have existed for quite a long time now. It would actually shock you to learn that some of the most famous Fortnite Characters are actually created by fans of the game. The most famous probably being Meowscles, Comfy Chomps and Aura, but the list is very long, with Epic using many fanarts as the source of new skins.

The community creator Nollobanz probably has the most community skins in the game, and he confirmed that Ava will be in the game at some point.

These are the skins Nollobandz is credited for and are already in Fortnite:

  • Lyra
  • Eco
  • Dark Rex
  • Ava *coming soon*

When Will the Ava Skin be in Fortnite?

No official date has been confirmed, but since Nollobandz confirms the Ava skin is legit, it could be in the August Fortnite Crew Pack. The Ava skin and Back-Bling could then be in the game as early as August 1. Epic has included community skins in the Crew Pack before, so it is not impossible for Ava to come out in August.

What does the Monthly Fortnite Crew Subscription Include?

The Fortnite Subscription Crew costs $12 per month and can be canceled at any time. When you buy it, it gives you the following stuff:

  • The month’s exclusive cosmetics (July is Loki)
  • The current season’s battle pass
  • 1000 V-Bucks
  • And other bonuses Epic decides to throw in randomly

The free battle pass is of huge value in terms of content and skins. So swing by our Fortnite Challenge Guide Section to snag every point of XP possible and level up your battle pass! We will update you as soon as Ava becomes available in-game!

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