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The fox joins the crew

Meet Vi – Gorgeous February Fortnite Crew Skin Revealed!

Fortnite Crew new Vi Skin for February revealed
Everybody likes that: Fortnite's new Vi skin is looking good! (Credit: Epic Games)

'Vi is the new face joining the Fortnite Crew in February'. With those words, Epic just announced the newest Fortnite skin. 'Vi looks amazing!'. With those words, EarlyGame welcomes the fox-inspired skin.

Not gonna lie: This writer always had a thing for Catwoman. That and ninjas. Catwoman, ninjas and anime. Oh, and archery. So now you're telling me, that I get a cat-themed (I know it's a fox, but... close enough) ninja skin with a bow & arrow...?

Shut up and take my money Vi Fortnite skin
Shut up and take my money has never been more applicable: Vi is looking fine, with a capital FINE! (Credit: KnowYourMeme/Futurama)

Alright, let's face the facts here first: Vi is not cat-themed – it's a fox-theme. Vi hails from the Fox Clan and rocks the Foxbow Quiver Back Bling and the Crooked Claw Pickaxe. Epic describes as a 'cunning new warrior on a race against time'.

Sounds as cool as it is, because you get a lot for your Fortnite Crew money this month:

February Fortnite Crew Content

  • Vi skin (one of our favorite outfits already)
  • Foxbow Quiver Back Bling
  • Crooked Claw Pickaxe
  • Drift Shift Wrap
  • Loading screen
Fortnite Vi Skin
Furrys everywhere are going wild right about now. (Credit: Epic Games)

Vi's outfit comes with different color schemes and is definitely a dope skin that could almost be described as foxy.... (Ok, I'll see myself out now). Additionally, active Fortnite crew subscribers can look forward to some V-Bucks: You'll receive your February V-Bucks on the same date you initially subscribed.

If this sounds cool to you, then don't forget that you can subscribe to Fortnite Crew at any point and get access to the perks and Battle pass instantly. If you sign up now, you even still have access to the January Fortnite Crew package, which included Green Arrow.

Vi's skin and her items will become available on January 31 at 6pm CT. Until then, you can still claim the January Fortnite Crew package. As always, once the month is over, the skins will also not be available again. Thus, if you want Vi's new Fortnite skin, you have until the end of February to do so.


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