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The Cosmic Summer Skins

What's in the New Fortnite Cosmic Summer Legends Pack?

Cosmic Summer Legends Pack
Cosmic Summer is here and its got new skins! © | Epic Games

Jump on Fortnite and party in the Cosmic Summer events! To commemorate Cosmic Summer 2021, Epic has released the Cosmic Summer Legends Pack in the Fortnite Item Shop. What’s summer skins does the pack come with? How much does it cost? And is it worth your money? 

We answer these burning questions right here, right now!

Aliens may have invaded the Island of Fortnite in Season 7, but that hasn’t stopped Fortniters from partying it up on Believer Beach. The Cosmic Summer Events are now live and to mark the event, a new skin bundle has appeared in the Item Shop.

What Comes in the Cosmic Summer Legends Pack?

Cosmic Summer Legends Pack
3 Skins and 3 Back-Blings! | © Epic Games
  • Summer Fable Skin 
  • Unpeely Skin 
  • Tropical Punch Zoe Skin 
  • Sour Swirl Back-Bling
  • Trapper Pack Back-Bling 
  • Banana Cabana Back-Bling 

For these skins and Back-Blings, you cannot use V-Bucks, but must pay with cash. It does come with 3 different skins with additional styles, and 3 Back-Blings, so you do get some value here, just nothing mind-blowing. 

How Much Does the Cosmic Summer Legends Pack Cost?

To get in on the summer fun, you will need to pay 15.99 euros. Unpeely is pretty dope, but the other two skins are a tad generic, so we are pretty meh on the Cosmic Summer Pack price.

Where Can you Buy the Fortnite Cosmic Summer Legends Pack?

Simply, load up your Fortnite Item Shop and look for the skin bundle among the daily items. The Fortnite Cosmic Summer Legends Pack will be available for purchase for a limited time. We estimate the Cosmic Summer Pack will be in the Item Shop until July 5 the exact same time the Cosmic Summer Quest expires. If your looking to pick up this new skin pack, act before it leaves, and always keep in mind the Item Shop is on a daily rotation except for the limited time offers, which stick around for a set period of time.

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