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Fortnite Confirms a Long-Awaited Gameplay Feature

Fortnite Pre-Edits
Epic has missed the mark. But will they make up for their mistake? (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite fans take note, Epic has confirmed that the long-awaited feature of disabling pre-edits will finally be added to the game. But you need to wait longer, we have all the info for you right here!

Epic Games has confirmed that a long-awaited gameplay feature, or at least its proper implementation, will be coming to Fortnite sometime early next year. Via the Fortnite status account on Twitter, Epic Games recently admitted that they "missed the mark" with pre-edits in update 15.10 of the Battle Royale game for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. Or rather, wanted to.

What Are Pre-Edits?

Pre-edits give you the ability to proactively edit your build structures before you place them. You do this by selecting the tiles you want to edit on the blueprint, rather than the build itself. For example, if you add a window to your wall blueprint, the window will automatically appear the next time you place a wall. You can think of it as a way to save a common type of build.

Fortnite Pre-Edits
Fortnite Pre-Edits in action (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Why Are Pre-Edits So Unpopular?

The problem occurs when players try to string multiple edits together in quick succession. As players, we know is pretty much always the case with the pros in competitive matches. With high ping, this often leads to a lot of confusion and wasted time, which can be fatal in the late game when nearly all pro games come down to builds.

Epic's Mistake

Epic Games was quick to learn that many players felt pre-editing was unnecessary and wanted a setting that removed the option to edit a blueprint. Players were excited when they heard that Epic was finally going to introduce this feature. Unfortunately, it seems Epic missed the mark because when the update went live you could not disable pre-edits! Instead, something else was available.

To find the new option, open the game settings, and scroll down to the "Buildings" section. There you will find the option "Reset edited buildings in construction mode." As the name implies, this setting does not actually turn off pre-edits. Turning it on simply means that you can reset a pre-edit by exiting and re-entering build mode. However, Epic Games admits that this feature was not the one players were expecting.

While many important details are still unknown, many players of the Battle Royale are already looking forward to the long-overdue feature and finally turning off pre-edits.

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Writing credit goes to EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber and her OG article.