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Where to Find Chickens in Fortnite

Fortnite Chicken Locations & How To Glide With Them

Chicken Locations Fortnite Season 7
Glide a Chicken in Fortnite! | © Epic Games

Week 3 Challenges have come to Fortnite Season 7 and this week you need to find a chicken and glide 20m with it. Chickens are all over the Season 7 map of Fortnite, so we show you all Chicken locations and where to glide with them.

There are numerous challenges or quests to do in Fortnite Season 7 so swing by our challenges section or get working on your Cosmic Summer Quests before they end on July 5. This way, you can unlock all the rewards for your Season 7 Battle Pass.

Where to Find Chickens In Fortnite Season 7

Chicken Locations Fortnite Season 7
All Chicken Locations in Season 7 | © Epic Games

There are a few locations that have a higher concentration of chicken spawns. The chickens on the Season 7 map are spawn locations and do not guarantee that a chicken will be there.

Best locations to find chickens in Fortnite Season 7:

  • The grassy hills east of Pleasant Park
  • Between Believer Beach and Holly Hedges
  • Northwest of Corny Complex
  • South of Corny Complex

When you find a chicken, you’ll actually need to pick it up. At this point, you should realize this is not exactly an easy task, as the chicken moves fast. It will run away from you and change directions, so you need to be quick and a little lucky to pick it up.

Once you got your chicken, it is time to glide with it for 20m and complete this week 3 challenge.

Time to find some high ground!

How to Glide 20m With a Chicken in Fortnite

Here are some different methods to glide a chicken.

  1. Build a Ramp into the sky before picking up your chicken and jump off it. 
  2. Bring a Launch Pad and throw it on the ground before you grab your chicken and then step on it. 
  3. Jump off a mountain or large hill.

Once airborne and soaring above the Season 7 map, just keep gliding until you see the quest is complete and avoid landing or hitting any objects too soon. Also, try not to get sniped out of the sky by sweaty Fortniters looking for easy kills.

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