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Fortnite Campfires: Operation Snowdown Challenge

Fortnite campfire locations season 5

The final Operation: Snowdown challenge is live! (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The Operation Snowdown challenge is live on servers, so our plan is to show you all the locations of the bonfires on the Fortnite map so you can complete the challenge as fast as possible.

The Operation Snowdown event went live on Friday, December 18. But when comparing it to Winterfest a year ago, this year's event was a downgrade and fans were a bit disappointed. However, the free cosmetic reward, which went live with yesterday's challenge, is one of the best this year. The reward is the Confetti paint job, which you unlock by stoking a bonfire twice.

All Campfire Locations

Each new season of Fortnite comes with a number of map changes. These changes cause the spawn locations of vehicles, gas stations, and bonfires to change. Here are all the bonfire locations in Fortnite Season 5:

Fortnite campfire loacations

Season 5 Campfire locations. (Image Credit: Epic Games)

There are plenty of bonfires on the Fortnite map to cozy up to, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding one. To complete the Stoke a Campfire - Operation Snowdown challenge as quickly as possible, you should land directly where two campfires are close to each other so you can complete the challenge in one match.

Remember you need to collect thirty wood per campfire to start it. Quick tip: You can also complete the challenge by letting the same fire sputter out and simply start it again. However, it does waste more of your materials, and keep in mind where there's smoke there's fire, or in this case, enemies that may try to kill you as you literally set off a smoke signal.

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