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Head to the beaches to complete!

Fortnite Week 10 Challenges: Build Special Sandcastles & Destroy Them!

Sandcastles Fortnite Challenges
Build or Destroy them! (Credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Season 6 is in Week 10 of Challenges, and while most of them are easy to complete this week, you'll need to find, build and destroy sandcastle across the map. Let’s go through exactly what you need to do to complete these sandcastle challenges.

There are two different challenges associated with sandcastles on the Season 6 map. In one challenge, you need to build sandcastles and in the other challenge, you need to destroy sandcastles. In both cases, you'll need to interact with a specific location on the map to complete both of the challenges.

Let’s go into exactly where you need to go!

Where to Find and Destroy Sandcastles On the Season 6 Map

Craggy Cliffs Sandcastle map
Head to the sandcastle mark! (Credit: Epic Games)

Head to Craggy Cliffs to Destroy Sandcastles:

  • Go towards the beach and head towards the eastern shoreline of Craggy Cliffs.
  • Find the sandcastle near three green parasols and they are located between them.

Head to Flush Factory to Destroy Sandcastles:

Sandcastles Fortnite Challenges
It's near the new POI Isla. (Credit: Epic Games)
  • Flush Factory is on the shoreline southeast of Slurpy Swamp.
  • Once you located Flush Factory or Isla Nublada the sandcastles are near a striped green tent located on the beach to the east.

Head to Dirty Docks to Build Sandcastles:

Sandcastles Fortnite Challenges
Outside Dirty Docks (Credit: Epic Games)
  • The sandcastle is located on the beach north of Dirty Docks so look out for the beach lounge chairs to find the Sandcastles.

Head to Holy Hedges to Build Sandcastles:

Sandcastles Fortnite Challenges
The beach area far from Holy Hedges (Credit: Epic Games)
  • Simply head to the beach southwest of Holy Hedges and look for some beach chairs to find the sandcastle.

Now you will get an easy 24,000 XP for destroying sandcastles and also 24,000 XP for building them. That's all it takes, so we suggest checking out Holy Hedges and Craggy Cliffs as they are fairly isolated, so this means less player traffic. 


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