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Is pay to win your favorite strategy?

The Fortnite Boundless Skin Was Pay to Win and Is Finally Banned!

Boundless Skin banned
Boundless skin deemed too OP and is now banned! (Credit: Epic Games)

The Boundless skin in Fortnite seems to have endless problems so Epic Games has temporarily banned the pay to win skin until further notice. We also look at why Epic chose to ban the Boundless skin.

Why Was the Boundless Skin Seen as Pay to Win?

The Boundless skin is a simple and rather unimpressive superhero costume, but you had the ability to choose the color pallet of the skin. For example, you could choose all pink or all purple or maybe even all green to blend in with a grassy hill. This gives you a clear advantage in a battle royale shooter because you can't shoot what you can't see. So, it was about time the Boundless skin was banned...

Boundless skin menu
You can see the ability to pick from many colors, but often players only picked one color for all parts (Credit: Epic Games).

Many pros and good players quickly figured out that the all-black color scheme blends you into the sides of structures and other things much better than other skin would. A flashy red and yellow skin would theoretically be easier to see and therefore easier to shoot at.

boundless all black skin
With an all-black Boundless skin, we can see you blend into the rock formation easily. (Credit: Epic Games)

However, the Boundless skin ban only applies to competitive playlists at the moment. This does leave the casual players out in the cold as they now must still suffer to play against this OP skin. It's a strange move by Epic to only ban it in competitive as it is just as OP in a casual lobby, so I guess we plebs suffer until the v15.40 update that plans to change the skin.

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