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Fortnite: The game that is... everything

Fortnite Will Add Open World Survival & Basketball Mode!

Fortnite will add open world survival and basketball modes
Fortnite: The game to end all games. (Credit: Ian Jepson)

Fortnite is often the topic of conversation in the Epic vs Apple court case and thanks to it, we often get some leaks and data. Now it was revealed that Fortnite is planning an open world survival mode and a basketball mode!

Just when you thought Fortnite couldn't do more, it... does more. Apparently Fortnite is simply the game that is all games, because thanks to court-documentation it was now revealed that Epic Games are working on an open world survival mode and a basketball mode!

What We Know About Fortnite's Open World Survival & Basketball Mode

According to the official documentation Epic Games are working on a Party Royale mode for Fortnite that will include basketball instead of shooting. Well... technically it will still have shooting, but... you get the gist. This Fortnite basketball mode is said to include dribbling as well and feature full on 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 gameplay. Yes, it sounds absolutely crazy and no, we also can't even imagine what that will look or play like.

This Fortnite basketball mode was supposed to launch last October but had to be pushed back and is still in development.

As for the new Fortnite open world survival mode, we don't know much, only that it's meant to be an "open world simulation sandbox". An open world sandbox survival mode in Fortnite? With all these licenses and all these skins? With those sweet-sweet building mechanics? Uhm... that's only everything we ever wanted (yeah, we know the single-player portion of the game is a thing, but... come on).

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If you are not sure about the validity of these claims, then how about this: First of all, this came up in court, so it's not exactly a mere Twitter leak. Also, the same documents revealed that Fortnite Crew was planned all along under the label of 'The Club'. We all know that Fortnite Crew is a thing now, so it's just a matter of time until we can start hooping and sandboxing in Fortnite, meaning that Fortnite will officially become the game to end all games.

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