Winter skins were also leaked

Fortnite: Are Planes Returning for Winterfest?

Fortnite planes

Planes were added to Fortnite in winter 2018 - and quickly removed from the game. Now they could be coming back for Winterfest. (Image credit: Epic Games)

There is no official launch date yet, but there will be a Winterfest in Fortnite again this year for the holidays. Apparently, Epic Games is planning to bring back the planes that were first added in season 1 and then removed from the game. We have all the information on the latest Fortnite leaks!

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 recently started and has once again brought forth a crossover or two. Most recently, Master Chief from Halo joined the Battle Royale shooter, soon to be followed by skins from The Walking Dead. Apparently, airplanes will soon make their comeback in Fortnite - at least if you believe the latest leaks. Allegedly, planes could come back to Fortnite for the upcoming Winterfest. Data miners found this out in the data for update 15.00 and shared it on Twitter.

The Santa Biplane Vehicle entry suggests that biplanes will be returning, fittingly for the Christmas season. Is that really good news though? After all, planes only made a brief appearance in Fortnite - and for good reason! They made their debut in Season 7 Chapter 1, also around Christmas time in 2018, but you could sum planes up in one word: Overpowered! They surely were a Christmas surprise when it came to balancing. Even a nerf didn't make it better and after one season they disappeared again. Until now?

New winter skins also leaked

What lends further credibility to the leak about the possible plane comeback in Fortnite is a video that was also leaked and apparently shows a teaser for the upcoming Winterfest. In it, you can see a plane flying over the snowy battlefield, as well as two new skins that fit the winter theme: a candy cane and a snowman. On Twitter, @HappyPower posted the short clip:

The Snowman skin, on the other hand, was revealed at the beginning of December, along with other winter skins, and is supposed to be called Snowmando. The other skins were gradually added to the item store in the last few days, like a gingerbread skin for Renegade Raider and a fishstick skin with a fir tree look. That means Snowmando might be coming to Fortnite soon as well - and probably the planes with him!

Snowmando Fortnite Skin1

Snowman skin Snowmando might be due to appear in Fortnite for Winterfest. (Image credit: iFireMonkey via Twitter)

It is not yet known when Winterfest will start in Fortnite this year. However, we assume that it could be added with the next patch 15.10 this week. We'll keep you updated and until then, have a quiet pre-Christmas season before you can really let it rip in Fortnite again!

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Original article written by EarlyGame's Fabian Ruppert.

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