You do not know where the witch's houses are? Then watch this!

Here You Can Find all the Witch Shacks in Fortnite

Hexenhäuschen fortnite

Image Credit: Epic Games

With the last big update, we finally got the long-awaited Fortnitemares event in the game and with it some scary challenges and new locations. Here come all seven locations for the new witch shack in Fortnite.

Around the island, seven witch shacks have appeared for the Fortnitemares event, which provides a correspondingly spooky backdrop to the Halloween season. If you approach them, you will hear the eerie sound of laughing witches and moaning spirits.

If you want to complete all of the Fortnitemares' challenges before the deadline, you will need to visit the various Witch Shacks. To do this, you must first know where they are located on the map. We flew over the map as shadows to get you quickly to your destination, so you do not get lost on the way.

Besuche verschiedene hexenhäuschen

Witch Shack (Image Credit: Epic Games)

All Witch Shack Locations

There are seven of them in the following places:

  • D2: near Homely Hills, north of Doom's Domain
  • A4: near Fancy View, west of Sweaty Sands
  • C4: northwest of Salty Springs
  • F5: near Gas n' Grub gas station, northwest of Lazy Lake
  • H3: southeast of Steamy Stacks
  • C7: south of Slurpy Swamp
  • H7: near Shipwreck Cove, southeast of Catty Corner
Fortnite hexenhäuschen locations

Witch Shack Locations (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Of the 7 shacks, you only have to visit 3, so this task should be pretty easy. Once you complete it, you will be rewarded with 40,000 XP. While you're at the witch houses, don't forget some candy and a witch's broom for the other Fortnitemares challenges. We wish you good luck!

You can find everything about the Fortnitemares event and more in our Fortnite section. If you want to learn even more about gaming and esports, stay where you are, at EarlyGame.

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