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More alien artifacts!

Fortnite Alien Artifact Locations in Week 6

Fortnite Alien Artifact Locations in Week 6
Five more alien artifacts are coming in Week 6! | © Epic Games

With the start of Season 7: Invasion in Fortnite, Epic Games added alien artifacts, a special collectible item that you can gather and then spend to customize your Kymera skin. Here are all the new alien artifact locations in Week 6!

Do you have a Kymera skin in Fortnite? If you want to customize it, you'll need to gather some alien artifacts. The latter are scattered all around the Fortnite map, and Epic Games keep adding more and more with each passing week. Today, we present you with the five new alien artifacts in Fortnite that are set to come out on July 15 with Week 6 of Season 7.

Alien Artifact Locations In Week 6

The new alien artifacts in Week 6 will go live on Thursday, July 15, and will allow you to customize your skin even further! Check out where you should expect the new artifacts on the map below!

Fortnite Alien Artifact Locations in Week 6
All the alien artifact locations in Week 6! | © Epic Games

If you're having trouble finding the alien artifacts on your own, here are some instructions:

  • Alien Artifact 1 – The first artifact is located at Lockie's Lighthouse. Just keep an eye out for a white shed, and you'll find the alien artifact inside.
  • Alien Artifact 2 – The second alien artifact can be found south of Steamy Stacks. Just look for the alien-infested area, and you'll see the artifact under a tree.
  • Alien Artifact 3 – You'll need to head to the west part of Corny Complex in order to find the third artifact. Look for a farm building at the location marked on the map above.
  • Alien Artifact 4 – The fourth artifact is high in the mountains. Once you get to the Base Camp Hotel, look for a telescope in the raised building, and you'll find the artifact.
  • Alien Artifact 5 – The final alien artifact can be found on Isla Nublada.

Looting any of the alien artifacts will add four of them to your inventory. You can get a total of 20 alien artifacts per week. You can then use them to upgrade the Kymera skin, which is unlocked at Tier 1 of the Season 7 battle pass. Another way of getting alien artifacts is by opening cosmic chests, but the chance there is quite low. 

All the artifacts above are not out yet, but you can expect them to go live this Thursday, July 15. You can also look forward to the upcoming challenges of Week 6! How many artifacts did you collect so far? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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