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Fortnite: 4 New OP Weapons Leaked

Fortnite weapon leaks

Fortnite and new weapons, what more can you ask for? (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Those Fortnite data miners have found us some gold! 4 new weapons from Fortnite's files should be coming to the game soon. You want to know what these new bad boys are, eh? Don't worry, you can read about all four weapons right here.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 already had weapons vaulted and unvaulted much to most fans' dislike. I guess no one likes it when their go-to comfort-gun gets vaulted for something else. However, if you are a seasoned vet of the game, you know this is business as usual for each new season of Fortnite. But what is even rarer, is when Epic adds new guns to the pool of weapons so let's dive in!

New Weapon Leaks

The leak was shared by the infamous Fortnite leaker Mix (@ximton) on Twitter and shows off four insanely powerful Fortnite weapons that could be available sometime this season. Exactly when is up to Epic!

The leaker shared a series of short video clips on his Twitter account to give fans a look at all the weapons in action.

1. Gnome Gun

Okay, this one has to be fake right? It shoots gnomes and... even for Fortnite this is a little too loony. There are some DnD Gnome fans out there just ready to get triggered if a gun starts to shoot little human-sized bullets instead of the normal kind that kill. Even the leaker has their doubts, so if this makes it into the game, I guess we can kill each other with gnomes(???), yep definitely not fake news!

2. Tinstack

Okay, so it looks like a grenade launcher and shoots exploding shells. Not much to say here other than it looks a bit simple and therefore also a bit unfinished.

3. Troll Launcher

Nothing to see here! Well besides a badass rocket launcher with a pretty decent reload time and multiple shots before you need to do any reloading. Looks like it also shoots trolled painted warheads! We like it.

4. Electric Gun Weapon

Sadly, the data-miner suggests this could be a scrapped design. An electrical emp style explosion that fires similarly to a grenade launcher is exactly something this game needs to shake up the weapon meta. Imagine if it could disable vehicles when you hit them with it or stunned enemies on hit. That would probably be too OP, but we have seen worse (RIP mecha B.R.U.T.E, I will always remember you).

More Fortnite news and everything else you need to know is right here on EarlyGame!

OG Article by the always awesome Alisa Eiber

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