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Will the pump shotgun make a comeback?

Fortnite Patch 15.40: An Old Favorite Comes Back Into the Game

Fortnite Pumpgun
We miss the pump! Bring them back! (Credit: Epic Games)

Epic has announced a new update with Fortnite Patch 15.40 and everyone is excited! It seems that a familiar favorite could soon be added to the game.

It's been almost two weeks since Epic Games released the last major Fortnite update, v15.30. The update introduced two new exotic weapons to the game, which Epic teased with the news feed.

Although there was no Fortnite update last week, Epic introduced the Valentine's Day event Hearts Wild. It's different from what we've seen in the past, as there are no additional challenges to earn extra rewards. Instead, Epic has decided to allow players to earn free rewards through Community Team Battles. We're about to show you what you have to look forward to with Patch 15.40. So stay tuned!

Patch 15.40 Server Downtime

Last night, the Twitter account Fortnite Status announced the new update. The V.15.40 update was subsequently released today, February 16. The Fortnite servers have been down since 10:00 am for scheduled maintenance. How long the servers will be down is anyone's guess. However, if you look at the past patches, you can conclude that the servers will be back online after about 1-2 hours - so very soon.

Fortnite v15.40 Patch Notes

Epic says that in this update we'll be able to "Blast back with an unvaulted favorite!" and fans are wildly speculating what that might mean. Perhaps the Pump Shotgun will (finally) make its comeback. The Pump Shotgun has been pulled out of the vault on and off for the past few seasons and hasn't made an appearance since the start of Chapter 2 Season 5. Another all-time favorite is the Heavy Sniper, which many also miss longingly. (Including me).

  • Furthermore, NPCs will have additional items in stock after the update, meaning exotic weapons will appear multiple times in the game.
  • Two LTMs will enter the game space: Floor is Lava and Air Royale will be available again in the coming days.
  • However, that was still not all. With patch 15.40, it looks like the performance mode will get some improvements to make the gameplay better on lower-end PCs.

Yes, so we'll gladly take this update!

As soon as Fortnite Patch 15.40 is live, we will of course keep you up to date with all the news in our Fortnite section. Stay tuned to EarlyGame for more articles like:

Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.