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The fight against Galactus draws near

Fortnite 14.50 Patch – Fly High Into the Sky!

Fortnite Galactus
Image Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite's servers are down and you know what that means. The new 14.50 patch is in the wings and will go live soon. The Nexus War is hot and players will take off!

Despite the recent successes of the Marvel theme, it has become rather quiet around Fortnite. The new update v.14.50 came as a bit of a surprise, as the announcement was made a little later than the previous ones. Nonetheless, the new update is here and there is a lot to unpack.

We'll show you what's new!

Fortnite Server Downtime

Last night, at around 4:00 a.m. ET, Epic sent out another round of patch notes to its content creators.

As expected, Twitter account Fortnite Status simultaneously announced the new update. Thereafter, update V.14.50 was released today, November 3. Fortnite servers have been down for scheduled maintenance since 10:00 a.m. ET.

It can only be guessed how long the servers will be down for. However, if you look at previous patches, it can be concluded that servers should be online again after around 2-3 hours - so very soon.

Fortnite Update V. 14.50 Patch Notes

The end of Chapter 2, Season 4 is imminent, which means that the islanders are preparing for the big fight against Galactus. A new item shall help with this. But new challenges have also been added to the game and another content creator is getting his own skin.

We can fly!

The Jetpack was already part of the game in previous seasons and now it's back! The improved jetpacks can be found all over the island, so have fun taking off!

Jetpack Fortnite
Image Credit: Epic Games

Poggies Moment

YouTuber Lachlan becomes part of the Icon Series. His set will be in the item shop. He also holds the Pickaxe Frenzy Tournament, which has its own rules. Compete with your favorite pickaxe on November 8 and show everyone what you've got. If you're good, you can earn the Lachlan set even earlier.

Fortnite Gets Ready for Next Gen

Everyone knows by now that the new XBox and the new PlayStation 5 will be released soon. Update V.14.50 prepares Fortnite for the next-generation hardware and uses shorter loading times, dynamic graphics, and physics as well as 4K resolution at 60 FPS.

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More EP!

Over the course of this week, there will also be new challenges in which the whole team can work together. So grab three friends and go XP hunting to quickly get the shimmering holo skins before the season ends.

As soon as the update is live, you will of course learn more about the challenges in our Fortnite section. We are definitely excited about the update and can't wait to fly high into the skies. If you want to find out more about gaming and esports, take a look at EarlyGame.

Original article by Alisa Eiber.