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The OP Flare Gun is back!

Where is the Flare Gun in Fortnite Season 6?

Flare Gun Fortnite Season 6
The Flare Gun has been secretly unvaulted! (Credit: Epic Games)

A surprise unvaulted weapon was added with the week 8 challenges in Fortnite Season 6. The clearly OP Flare Gun has returned to Fortnite, and we got you covered on everything you need to know. So, stay with us as we tell you where to find the Flare Gun in Fortnite Season 6.

Now, this is not really a Fortnite weapon, but more of a utility item that helps you get kills in the most unfair way possible. Let’s go over what this gun does.

What does the Flare Gun Do?

If you have not had the pleasure of playing with or against this very OP utility item then let me reveal the truth to you right now.

The Flare Gun is game-breaking and this is how it works: simply fire a flare into the air and reveal all nearby enemies within the flare’s radius. If a target is within the radius, shortly after the shot, the flare will reveal all player locations by marking them with a red arrow on your screen.

This OP part is the red arrow above marked players can be seen through walls - it is literally a wallhack. Oh, wait, it gets better, the Flare Gun comes with 6 shots and each shot can reveal multiple players. This allows you to hunt down solo players hiding or learn the positions of squads laying in wait. Get perfect information before you take any fight.

Where to Find the Flare Gun on the Season 6 Map

Flare Gun Location Fortnite Season 6
Only two places sell the Flare Gun. (Credit: Epic Games)

Flare Gun Locations:

  • South of Sweaty Sands you can find Blaze standing near a bonfire, and you can buy the gun from her.
  • East of Coral Castle on the hill, look for the NPC Raptor who is located near the crashed airplane, he too will sell you the Flare Gun.

The Flare Gun has only one stock on each NPC and costs 245 Gold Bars to buy. Since there are only two Flare Guns in each lobby, it should be fairly contested so be ready to take a few fights. IF you get your hands on this sweet little piece of tech expect to dominate your lobby and snowball it into a Victory Royale.

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